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The Signal Spot

Country United States
State Oregon
City Bend
Address 335 NE Greenwood Ave
Phone 541-639-4840

The Signal Spot Reviews

  • Sep 7, 2015

First, these guys are not legally using the name "The Signal Spot". It belongs to a company in Redmond, Oregon. That's a $500 fine per occurance: meaning anyone who has done business with them under that name is eligible for $500 in compensation by filing a small claim against them.

They offer all kinds of incentives to use them for your internet, cable tv, and satellite tv services, such as free DVRs and Kindle Fire's, but then do not produce the incentive, claiming it was an old offer. Don't fall for it.

They also quote prices, like $19.95 per month for internet service when the bill ends up being over double that, or up front charges show up on your bill or credit card statements. They have no influence with DISH TV, DirectTV, Bend Broadband, Century Link, etc. They quoted a rate that was competitive to one of the internet providers I used. They swore the bill wouldn't be over the $33 I was spending each month. The first bill was $144, the next bill was $40 per month, even after I had to give up the service because the provider cancelled it. They still charged me every month. Signal Spot (not a registered name with the state of Oregon that they own), promised they would fix the problem, but never did. Then they stopped returning phone calls. They are liars, manipulators, and hide behind great, caring phone voices that sound like they're in control of what they're doing but are not.

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