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The Salvation Army

Country United States
State Indiana
City Indianapolis
Address 3100 N Meridian St
Phone 800-589-1037

The Salvation Army Reviews

  • Nov 7, 2016

The Salvation Army of Indianapolis sent me a letter stating that my deceased mother's estate owes them "a residual bequest" and that I as her daughter are required to file an annual statement with them. The facts: the Salvation Army has been paid in Feb. 2015 the amount specified by the Court of Indiana. The Court required me to perform under oath my fiduciary requirements and stated I had done so with integrity and full compliance of the law.

I have now received a letter dated Nov. 2, 2016, from the Salvation Army of Indianapolis stating that they are owed a "residual bequest" and that they require records and payments. They have also made up a fictious address for my mother in a city she never lived in, have refused to show acceptance of a check in 2015, and have claimed that the trust/will in the Court was not correct.

They have also made up names associated with their organization, stating that these were special gifts. The special gifts are for whom they claim to be "employees adopted by my mother". My mother only had 2 children, my deceased brother, and myself. She never adopted any child or employee of the Salvation Army.

My mother's will/trust was very specific. The Salvation Army even has a different social security number, DOB, and place of birth for my mother. I understand that this is what they do in attempting to fraud others after a loved one passes.

  • Jan 11, 2016

I stayed at the Salvation Army men's shelter for about five months due to unfortunate circumstances that led to my unemployment. When I was directed to the Salvation Army, I was told that they work hard to help people find employment and housing as quickly as possible. That was a lie. To begin with, in order to stay here you have to pay rent. Yes, you read that right. A homeless shelter charging rent. When I stayed there in 2015, the rent was $85 every week. I eventually moved up to the third floor and found out the rent changes from $85 every week to about 35% of your monthly income. You end up paying about as much as you would for your own apartment. If they actually wanted you to find housing, wouldn't they let you keep that money to put towards a deposit? The employees, with two exceptions, are the most rude and condescending people I have ever met. Between harassing clients, random seizure of your property, and verbal insults it is simply amazing to me that these people haven't been sued yet. As you might expect, any client that tries to rectify this usually finds that the process to hold these people accountable is a dead end. The cafeteria is one of the worst I have ever seen. I lost count of the number of health code violations I spotted. The most notable is employees and volunteers not wearing gloves or hairnets, workers serving food with uncovered sores and cuts, and improper storage of food. The food served is usually extremely basic and of small portions. That wouldn't be entirely bad if not for the fact that the food is often improperly cooked and served lukewarm at best. The bedding areas are fairly standard for a homeless shelter, except for the bed bug problem. Nearly every cot there was infested, yet the shelter couldnt be bothered to change the cots out and spray for the bugs. They actually expect the clients to do that. Speaking of expecting the clients to work, one requirement to stay, in addition to paying rent, is that you are assigned weekly chores. These are doled out regardless of any work schedule you have, and missing them can result in being kicked out. These chores range from cleaning the building to serving in the cafeteria. No, you are not paid for your work. The chores here essentially amount to free labor. I wouldn't wish this place on my worst enemy. This organization is about as far from Christlike as it can get, and I beg anybody reading this to avoid this shelter like the plague.

  • Dec 14, 2015

The Salvation Army promised CEI they would pay 191.00 on my electric bill to keep it from being shut off when I am having hard times. I trusted that they paid but they never did. The worse part of it all is they kept telling me they will pay it and it is on record at CEI that they will pay that amount and it has never been paid. My electric is still in jeopardy of being shut off because I had trust in them and thought that was paid now I am far behind on my bill. The lady named Cookie told me a couple weeks ago that she would even pay 200.00 even right that day or more to help us out so I had confidence that it was paid. Allthey had to say is I cant pay it for you period instead of telling me every other day that it would be paid I borrowed money just to keep it turned on it just upsets me how they treated me. I hate to say this but I think I would of got immediate help if I was a minority.It is mean what they did and people think they are out there helping people with funds collected when they are not.Thank You.

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