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The Erotic Review

Country United States
State Alaska

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  • Mar 28, 2016

This adult community review forum The Erotic Review was introduced to me as a adult entertainer and self made porn star back in 2002. Back then I saw the original owner who was physically abusive to me as a sex worker and because of my porn status put me on this review board. I have run into many problems with this site as they dominate and control every aspect of the adult entertainment world so much so that the harass using members who are allowed aliases to attack ladies on the forum publicaly. Reviews are manipulated and the review policy is manipulated by the very top tier of TER. The entertainer has no say and if so is silenced by admin of the board and all posts in defense is deleted by admin. This has happened to me for years and I am currently fighting with them again after posting a thread on this very subject.

I have been subjected to insults, attacks and ridicule as well as the purposeful destruction of my business leaving reviews that are fake or scored very low though I did not see person in question. I have asked repeatedly for these reviews to be removed as well as the very process of how I attain my clientele to not be published as it would put me in harms way they have refused to abide by my personal safety wishes Years ago I was delisted for something I did not do after threat of suit was reinstated. I have requested to be delisted as well as posting and sending emails of exactly what they are and that is pimps, predators and non ethical business practitioners directly to TER.

They have banned any person who has signed on or currently in the system that defends the provider that is being attacked which in this case is me. They are a threat to my safety, my family and my business as they made it very clear in many ways that if you do not comply with anything outside of regular terms and conditions which they can change at any time for their amusement or free will without warning or provocation you are going to pay a very high price. In my experience the very strong arm tactics I have read about and seen over the years which at first you would think this is a bad nightmare this can't be true, but this nightmare is very real and very true

  • Mar 18, 2016

I signed up with the Erotic Review thinking it was a new and improved site. I was told MR.Elms no longer was in charge of site. Sadly I have to report the same shannigans go on. If they like you you recieve glowing reviews. If they dislike you or a reviewer dislikes you even if you have proof it's a lie that review stays. I noticed in th area I advertise in I'm one of the only minorities , I model and I am very attractive . A reviewer got upset they took all good reviews down . And left negative review up. I asked them to cancel and delete me from data base . They refuse to. I asked them to delist me and please do not link to my website it is trademarked they refuse to. Most of the girls are caucasian you can find many that are not close to my level but have the highest reviews possible . I have emailed them over and over asking to be taken down they refuse .

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