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The Ding King Training Institute, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Costa Mesa
Address 3100 Airway Ave #141
Phone 800-304-3464

The Ding King Training Institute, Inc. Reviews

  • Apr 22, 2016

Ding King Training Company Todd Sudek, Ding King, Dingking,, I got scammed by THE DING KING. Don't go to Ding King for Paintless Dent Removal Training!! costa mesa California

My partner and I came to Ding King and were promised alot of things and go NONE!

We were promised one on one training and got 5 people in our class. The instructor didn't once demonstrate any techniques and we were pissed because they were so clueless. They said he had over twenty years experience but didn't even do dents to show us how to get it down. The other 3 students with us also left the course upset and many were asking for their money back.

I took two weeks off work for this and my company paid us to come learn dent repair, and we have been denied a refund but are still going to pursue it.

I realize Paintless Dent Repair is hard to do- but we were told we would get it and could get free instruction yet they wanted us to pay more for hotel and other fees and in the end they squeezed us hard without even providing the quality instruction we traveled down to California for. I learned more on youtube than I did with DINGKING!!

Warning to all those considering this place: They are CROOKS!!

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