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  • Oct 5, 2016

Three weeks before our Kickstarter campaign ended, we got contacted by Jeremy Schulkin, offering a "great deal" to increase the impact of our (already successful) campaign. Jeremy was a great talker and he convinced us to work with him.

One of Jeremy`s promises: " within a week you will receive a couple of articles" We agreed to pay USD 1000 upfront, the contract was made by his brother Elias, but actually nothing happened. Instead of using, as it was agreed on, designing and sending a unique Newsletter, they sent out our own, old press release. Nothing else happened, slow communication, no traffic to Kickstarter (analyzed in Google Analytics), no articles, nothing. After a week, we investigated the websites and social media websites they are working with (, Besides nothing was mentioned about our project, all their social media was even outdated or not working!

Well, we had to pull the trigger and send them a notice of immediate determination/cancellation of our agreement through Paypal (the method we used as payment processor) and asked for a full return.

They immediately accused us of trying to steal money from them, stating they would not return the full amount. Ok, we waited for a reasonable proposal to settle. We were ready to negotiate. Although we emailed them a couple times, no response at all, except accusing us again to steal money from them. How can you steal money from somebody if he doesn't own it?

The whole case here shows typical signs of scam and we would like to use this opportunity here to warn other fellow crowd funders avoiding to make the same mistake. There are a bunch of good marketing companies out there but a lot of scams as well and it is really hard to determine the difference. If you are in the position your campaign needs some push, you might go over your own limits. Guys like Jeremy and his brother Elias know that and take advantage of it.

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