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The Cotton Law Firm, PLLC.

Country United States
State Oklahoma
City Edmond
Address 2537 S Kelly Ave
Phone 405-285-0816

The Cotton Law Firm, PLLC. Reviews

  • Jan 11, 2016

I called the Cotton Law Firm and asked if I could make an appointment to speak with Mr. Cotton about police misconduct and police harassment. The Secretary told me he was out of his office and that he would return my phone call when he gets in. So after five or six days he finally returned my phone call. I told him that it was urgent that I speak with him regarding police misconduct, police brutality and police harassment. He asked me where this occured, I told him the location and he says " oooh I'm gonna have a conflict of interest in that area. You see, I'm good friends with the law enforcement officers in that town." I asked if he could recommend me to another civil rights attorney and he said, I'm sorry, I can't. Now his website says he is a civil rights attorney, and his areas include police misconduct according to "".

His other areas are Civil Liabilities, Civil Rights Defense, Civil Rights Section 1983, Human Rights, Personal Rights, Prisoners Rights, Prisoners Rights Class Action, Race Discrimination, Sex Discrimination, Women's Rights, Civil Practice, Federal Civil Practice, Constitutional Law, Fifth Amendment Law, First Amendment Law, Freedom of Religion, Appelate Practice, Civil Appeals, Government, County Liability, Government Tort Liability, Law Enforcement, Excessive use of force, False Arrest, False Inprisonment, High Speed Police Pursuit Litagation, POLICE BRUTALITY, POLICE LIABILITY, POLICE MISCONDUCT, and Civil Litagation. This is according to a website called "" So in my opinion, the fact that he refused to listen to my case about police misconduct and informed me that he would have a conflict of interest because he is good friends with law enforcement in my area, shows that his ad contains false advertising.

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