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The Coca-Cola Company

Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta
Address P.O. Box 1734
Phone (866) 674-2653

The Coca-Cola Company Reviews

  • Jan 21, 2017

MyCokeRewards is a program offered by the Coca Cola Company where you enter codes from Coca Cola products and in return receive points you collect which can be redeemed for rewards. I've always enjoyed the program and it had good rewards. I've redeemed my points for $20 off Southwest Airline tickets, free 12 packs of Coke products and $3 off coupons for Coke products. It can be time consuming to sit and squint at the codes from under the caps which often have confusing letters or numbers or are faded, but I've always stuck with it and accumulated a fair amount of points. As of December 2015 I had 792 unused points which would have been enough for (at the time) 3 free 12 packs (the points needed has now gone up to 275 per free 12-pack).

I was going out of the country for a year to study abroad and did not want to redeem my points ahead of time because it often takes a long time, almost 2 months, to get the coupon for a free 12-pack so I didn't want it to come while I was gone, especially because it would have expired as the coupons are only valid for 3 months. Knowing the rule was if you don't enter or redeem points within a 90 day period you lose them, I called the MyCokeRewards toll free number (866) 674-2653 to ask if I wasn't active for 12 months or so could I get my points back. I knew the policy at the time was any time you lost your points you could simply call and get them back no questions asked, but I wanted to be sure about a one year lapse. So, as of December 2015, it made no difference how often ones' points lapsed or how long ago, the customer could always have the points restored.

I called the tollfree My Coke Rewards number and spoke to a representative who was very nice who told me sure, no problem, I could have my points reinstated even if I was gone one year. I returned in less than a year and found, as expected, my points were gone. I tried to use the MyCokeRewards website's virtual chat agent to have them reinstated. The response was sorry it's been over 6 months I could not get them back. I sent a message to MyCokeRewards customer service using their online form. The response was the policy now is you can only get points back once in a lifetime and the points had to be from less than 6 months prior. I called the toll free number again and was told that, despite what I had been promised in December 2015, the rules changed in January 2016 and basically too bad for me I could not get back my 792 points.

I am NOT questioning the Coca Cola Company or My Coke Rewards program changing their policy, if they feel it is good business then so be it (although it does seem a bit extreme and not in good customer service seeing how they have now jacked up the number of points it takes to get a redemption and many of the really good rewards are no longer offered such as the $20 off a Southwest roundtrip ticket). I am questioning the manner in which they suddenly changed the policy and did not bother to advise the customers who could have done something about it had we known. I've counted 77 emails from MyCokeRewards in my inbox since December 2015 and not one mentions anything about changing the time limit nor the number of times one can have their points reinstated; actually there are no emails about any policy changes whatsoever. There are all sorts of promo and even nonsense emails from MyCokeRewards such as "Discover our small packs" or "Get a free Shutterfly Notepad", but not anything regarding such an extreme policy change which would definitely affect many customers. When I spoke to the the MyCokeRewards rep most recently she said what the previous rep told me in December 2015 was in good faith because the policy did not change until January 2016, one month later, which seems a bit odd that they didn't already know. I was also told it was on their website at some point, but why, if they can send so many emails out about any little thing could they not send one out regarding a major policy change. and in my case ummm hello, I was not going to the website because I was out of the country.

792 points is a lot to lose and a lot of tedious time spent entering codes for nothing. Coca Cola should have made it where everyone who lost their points after the policy change should have been allowed one more reinstatement, no matter how long ago it had been since the points were lost (as per the old policy) and, at that time, informed us that this would be the last time and we customers must abide by the new rules. But obviously the Coca Cola Company and its MyCokeRewards doesn't care about their customers. I prefer Coca Cola to Pepsi, but I for one am going to switch because I feel I've been done dirty by MyCokeRewards and will not spend any more money buying Coca Cola products.

  • May 9, 2016

Coca cola and my coke rewards are scams. They make it difficult to earn rewards by making a smaller and smaller limit of how many points can be earned within a week. Used to be 120, now it's 75. They recently created another hurdle, earning "status". This must be earned as well in order to receive any reward from their site. To "earn" status you must do free advertising on behalf of coca cola. You are required to post commercials and ads to twitter. But once you do, you will still not earn status. They felt they didn't have enough money so they created the scam my coke rewards to make you think you can earn rewards when you buy their garbage.

By making it harder and in reality impossible to get anywhere with their rewards site they don't have to spend a dime on new rewards and get to collect a fat check from each of their "sponsors" in whom they make you advertise on twitter. This company is pure evil. Don't bother contacting them. They don't respond to complaints, they are confident they will have enough in profits to keep up the cash flow no matter what they do. My coke rewards is a bait and switch scam plain and simple. You buy their product, do free advertising for them, put in codes and you get nowhere. They get rich and you waste time and money on their scam. File a complaint with the FTC at and put a stop to this.

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