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The Atriums Senior Living Community

Country United States
State Kansas
City Overland Park
Address 7300 W 107th St
Phone 913-381-6000

The Atriums Senior Living Community Reviews

  • May 27, 2017

Jetz is a loan sharking company disguised as a laundry equipment rental company in my opnion. After profiterring off our retirement center for 17 years they are threatening to sue us. I wouldn't do business with these guys if I knew what I know now. They have an Evergreen clause that is crazy. They will sneek in a CPI ncrease in without tellng you even if its not in the agreement. They are sue happy and are proud to call themselve the bad a*s in the business and will sue anyone, anytime over any issue n order to continue getting paid. If you have an agreement with these guys, better read it carfully and follow it to the letter. They don't maintain their equipment timely and will neve replace a piece of equipment unless its only on their terms. These guys are loan sharks in my opinion. You've been warned.

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