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The Ad Firm

Country United States
State California
City Irvine
Address 5151 California Ave #100A
Phone 1 (949) 430-6697

The Ad Firm Reviews

  • Mar 25, 2016

The Ad Firm or The is a total ripoff. They will over promise, under deliver and most importantly rip YOU off! Do not engage in any marketing with them whether its SEO, PPC Management, Social Media, Email Marketing and Web Design. They can probably sucker the local stores and offices in the area- mom and pop shops and hopefully people will research them and see they are just down right horrible. This company should not be in business and after doing research on them, they change their business name! It's easy to see they operate under a corporation named LF Eagle Inc. and were formally doing business as locallyrank. They now redirect their website to and it's the same exact company operating as LF Eagle Inc. The owner is Kevin Heimlich and it appears that his family is a bunch of attorney's- Alan Heimlich and Nicholas D Heimlich.

I'm sure these attorney's advise to change names like a chameleon from who knows to LocallyRank to!

Stay away at all costs and find a reputable business unless you just like hearing big promised with penalties from the search engines and throwing pay per click money away at a loss! They almost put us out of business and we're still suffering!

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