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The AC Guyz

Country United States
State Florida
City Tampa
Address 4620 N Hale Ave
Phone (813) 283-2204

The AC Guyz Reviews

  • Oct 26, 2018

Bought a Rheem AC for $8000k from Harrell's. When AC GUYZ took over Harrell's customers when they went bankrupt, AC GUYZ called to set appointment to honor yearly maintenance agreement. Tech was more focused on trying to sell me services and products and very expensive service contract that I didn't need than on servicing my unit. Had to call back a couple of months later as unit stopped working. This has happened repeatedly over the past 2 years - having to call for repairs, and being strong armed into buying additional stuff I don't need and can't afford.

In April of 2018 during a maintenance call they actually convinced me that my duct work was not adequate to support the AC unit.Nothing but problems and issues since AC GUYZ has been in the picture. Unit stopped working last weekend (Oct. 21-22, 2018). ACGUYZ came out at 8:00 in the evening, Wed., Oct. 24, in the dark, tech said my unit was totally out of refrigerant/coolant, etc., that there were leaks/holes in several different locations, that I would need to get a totally new unit, as parts weren't available. He checked with his boss and showed him a couple of phone shots of my unit, who said that they could possibly get some parts at a cost of over $3500 out of my pocket.

He then went on to say how my unit looked old and worn out, that it was so faded out and that the damage to the unit and the worn look of the unit was due to sprinklers "blasting" the unit (based on the opinion of the tech Tod). However, there are no sprinklers or an irrigation system in the back of my house where the AC unit is located. The tech said he spoke to his Service Mgr who said there was nothing else they could do. Spoke with Scott the Manager the next day who said the second mgr had spoken to local Rheem rep who told him that Rheem "doesn't pay 9 out of 10 times" so they couldn't take the "risk". I called Rheem corporate office on Thurs. and they said my unit was indeed registered and all parts were part of my 10 year warranty.

Spoke with Scott on Friday 10/26 who again said they could do nothing based on what their rep said and would not assume the risk of not getting paid by Rheem. The tech Tod, svc mgr Jim and Scott insinuated me or one of my neighbors had done something to my AC unit. Suggested I call a different AC company for a second opinion. Glad I did. Was told that the techs from AC GUYZ damaged (bent the elbow to the point that it cracked) the elbow to the compressor either intentionally or due to incompetence and that there were now several holes and leaks in the unit due to whatever ACGUYZ techs did, that the unit had not been appropriately serviced/maintained at all, that the so-called water damage was actually due to whatever chemicals the AC GUYZ had used and left on too long, corroding the unit.

Bottom line: it looks like AC GUYZ purposely, or through sheer incompetence, damaged my AC beyond repair, will not honor my warranty, did not execute the maintenance I contracted for, will not replace the unit or do anything to fix the problems, and is blaming it all on me, on imaginary sprinkler system damage. RUN, DO NOT WALK, AWAY FROM EVEN CONSIDERING AC GUYZ FOR YOUR HEATING OR COOLING NEEDS. Evidently, they are only interested only in selling customers services, products, contracts so they can get a commission. And, evidently, based on what the tech from the second company said, they horribly overprice the parts and services. (He was astounded by the prices they quoted as he reviewed all of the service reports, estimations, etc. from AC GUYZ, and just shook his head and laughed at how outrageously priced everything was in the estimates.)

My next step is to hire a lawyer, contact a consumer advocacy group that deals with rip-offs and fraud, contact the local media, and post online about this predatory, fraudulent, nightmare of a company that takes advantage of its customers. I have already posted a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Hopefully, no one else will have to suffer through such an expensive, fraudulent experience with AC GUYZ or Rheem.

  • May 25, 2017

We bought our expensive Maytag air conditioner from Harrel’s. Now it is called AC Guys. We were told it was a very good unit and would give me years of service. I was also told it came with a 10 year parts and labor. They said I would not have any out of pocket expensives outside of my system checkups for 10 years. How could I go wrong? A unit that cost much more then anyone else’s. But, no repairs I needed to pay for ten years.

The unit stopped working in 24 hours. Bad weld joint on the unit hookup caused the gas to leak out.

Bad workmanship. Okay. They fixed it free. Then almost a year later. The unit broke again. Not covered by warranty. Huh ?

Okay. That was like $385. Should have challenged it then.


Now a year later. It has broken again. Bad fan motor. Surely that is covered by the warranty.

Nope. There goes $487 out of my pocket.

So. Their very expensive units don’t work any better then anybody’s eles’s units. And their warranty is not any good. They find a way out of it. I am locked in now. Making payments on a unit I really cannot afford to make right now. My advice to anyone getting ready to conduct business with them is to run away. If you already have a unit. Be careful. They have a price sheet they use for everything. It is priced way to high.

One more thing. If you decide to deal with AC Guys, go to Best Buy and get one of those 1 room portable air conditioners like me. Your going to need it because they never have the parts to complete the repair even though I have the main unit they are pushing to everyone. They come back the next day.

05/25/2017 9am.

Called service number and talked to Jill. She says labor is covered only for one year. Parts are covered for ten years. And the labor to install a fan motor is $487. I told her that price is excessive and asked her to check the price again. I am also pointing out now that the original salesman was less then truthful about the warranty at the original time of sale.

05/25/2017 09:30

Okay. Talked to Jill. Now the price is $336. That’s all labor. Again. Be careful when dealing with AC Guys if you have to deal with them at all. Tech is suppose to be out sometime today. We will see.

05/25/2017 10:00 Melany called from AC Guyz. She informed me Shawn with me here in one hour to install part.

05/25/2017 11:10 Tech is onsite and replaced fan motor. I was charged $336 for installation of the new motor. I think that is still excessive. But, what else can I do. We will see how long it runs now.

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