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The 9 Firm, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Fort Lauderdale
Address 1600 E Sunrise Blvd #3315
Phone 305-902-7644

The 9 Firm, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 10, 2015

Although i had the displeasure of being RIPPED OFF by King Davis, im fortunate to not have gotten into any contractual obligations with him! King Davis (if thats his real name) was supposed to manage a photo shoot between myself and the photographer(s) from his company located in my city. I reached out to Mr. Davis in January 2015 regarding a Instagram posting about a new model search. I was told to send pictures of myself along with my contact info to the number listed in the post. We began texting back and forth about what the deposit would be, shoot concepts, where I saw my modeling career going, etc., so easily I believed he was legit. He told me the deposit was $275 and the remaining balance of $250 was due at the time of the photo shoot. At the time I had other financial responsibilities so he allowes me to put $50 down to hold my slot and pay the deposit when i got my tax refund. I agreed. I reached out again in February when i was ready to pay my deposit. I payed through PayPal and he text me when he recieved it. We than begin talking about concepts and when id be ready to shoot. I said in about a month (March) to have a new start to my portfolio before my birthday in April. After that, he began to snub me! He began to tell me he was going to call and never would; he told me he would email me about the shoot, and never did. By this time a few weeks and eventually months went by. Id text here and there just trying to keep contact, and no reply. In June, i sent him a message on Instagram and he responded and apologized for being busy with school and graduation and then said he would email me about setting up a shoot. That was our last correspondence. After that he blocked me on social media and it was past the limits of time to get a refund on PayPal. I hope the talented photographers and models under King Davis break away because he is a liar and has cheated many other women, just like me. KING DAVIS IS A FRAUD and should not be trusted with anyone's careers.

  • Oct 9, 2015

I hired this company for modeling management. At first I was told to pay a start up fee + 3 payments each month. I was told I would get promotional services, website, free photo shoots with the in house photographer (Dee Harris) as well as bookings for work. I paid $500 for a photo shoot with Dee Harris who also goes by Icebox Studios. He never edited my photos because they weren't "good enough. Not only did I already pay $500+ to travel to Miami to take the photos plus hair, make up & clothing, I had to travel back he said to "re do" the shoot. When I got back he made excuses as to why he was "too busy" to shoot me. Then King (the manager) says I need to pay for a website. I pay $500 for the website. He never sets the site up for me "because I have no good pics" so he sets up a photoshoot which I pay for & pay all travel expenses to get to. Has me over pay because I find out the photographer is cheaper. However I do receive those photos.

Next he tells me they are "transitioning" the company to be called "The 9 Firm" where each model is required to pay $250 a month & receive free photo shoots, but has me pay $233 to set up a shoot in Ohio. I paid that & my $250 never got to do the shoot. Then says I need outfits, but he & dee are picking them out. I have to pay $150 for the clothes which I don't receive for a month after paying then it's missing items. At this point they are asking for another "$250" monthly fee" I ignore the texts & smarten up & start talking to other models who to haven't received work or photos. 9 months have passed where I haven't been booked for shows or events & they blame it all on me. I also find out that not everyone had been paying fees. I decide to quit. Once I quit king slanders my name on social media & tells people "I was never fit for modeling & I never got anywhere because I don't look like my photos & sleep with photographers" which is all untrue. On top of this I paid for my own company I owned & started before them & Dee Harris "redid" the website for me. He takes my company's website down that I PAID him to re-do. Customers have been emailing me for product but the site is no longer up so now I have to re-do that & who knows how many other sales I have lost.

I just want people & models to be warned they are not to be trusted & not what they seem. In the last 3 weeks since I have been unaffiliated with King Davis, Dee Harris & The 9 Firm I have revived more promotional modeling work, photo shoots & video shoots than my time with them in 9 months & I honestly think they were just not telling me about job offers in main box because they did not give me access & always told me no when I asked about something.

  • Oct 9, 2015

This company has charged and had contracts in which they did not honor and also misrepresentation . $900 shoot contracted and 9 publishes which were not honored at all . Photos they refused to give me access to . Misrepresentation as social media exploiting the girls as ordered for attention , lack of knowledge on modeling and scamming of more money which I did not honor and left as well as 6 other girls with other stories . They use this money to pay their bills and school tuition , very rude when you address any misfortune as well . They are out recruiting more girls who know nothing of their scam .

  • Oct 9, 2015

King Davis and I signed a contract to work together with his company at the time called IBMM INC, now called The 9 Firm. I had to pay for a shoot with them in which I was promised posters and to appear on sites. Neither ever happened. I was to pay "dues" for 6 months as well of $100. He was my agent who I directly spoke to about all modeling gigs. Last gig he sent me on was a full nudity job as a background actress on a show, however he only told me it would be implied. When I asked for details on everything he was really short all the time and told me I don't need to be asking questions and to just do as he says. Trusting him, I went to the gig where I found out I had to be fully nude where other actresses were in bikinis. But being that nude paid more, he signed me up for that regardless of how I felt about it. I went ahead and did it anyways to not disappoint him in fear he would stop working with me and was on set for 12 hours. When I had first found out I immediately called him and he told me I will be okay and that I can be mad at him all I want, but that I needed to do it because it would get me more important roles in the future. The next day I expressed to him how furious I was and upset that he signed me up for that gig to begin with knowing I never wanted to do nude. He got infuriated with me and sent an email saying I was terminated from the company, saying he doesn't believe I'm suited for modeling any longer and I will never find another team like his. I later found out through his instagram which he blocked me from, that my check of $459 from that gig came in because he posted it and captioned how his models get paid. If I had never went to his instagram I doubt he would've told me. I contacted him immediately and he was only suppose to take 25% according to the contract. Instead he told me he wasn't giving me any of that money because of the "troubles" I put him through for not wanting to shoot nude. So in the end, I went out my way to be nude in front of a camera on set for 12 hours and he kept the whole check. I also worked a brand ambassador gig King Davis sent me on previously to the show where I never saw a dime of that check either. I reached out to his partner Dee Harris which is also the photographer of IceBox Studios and The 9 Firm and expressed how I felt betrayed and like this was all bad business. All he did was curse me out and told me to take it up with King and threatened to sue if I bashed their names.

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