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TH Racing

Country United States
State Texas
City Fort Worth
Address 10381 Alta Vista Rd. Suite 117
Phone 1 (817) 713-6989

TH Racing Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2016

I called Todd about a month and a half ago. I needed help rebuilding a motor for my 10 year old son. It turned out that he roasted the crank. This was entirely my fault as I allowed sand to get in the motor through the air filter. Todd was very nice on the phone and said he could help and recommended an engine rebuild service. I pulled the motor from the bike and prepped it for shipment. So In the process of stripping down the bike an motor you need to remove all fluids such as oil, gas, and coolant. This will be important later. Once the motor was out I disassembled the majority of the motor to fully assess the damage to the cylinder, pistons, crank, ect. I gently replaced all parts back together for shipping and repair. Todd called me after receiving and inspecting my motor. He told me about all the issues and gave me a quote for service. I paid via Todds payment policy and the work began.

The work was done in a timely fashion and Todd did respond to my emails promptly.

So when I received the motor everything looked good. I spent 10 hours over the next 4 days reassembling the bike. Time to fire it up. She starts up great and after 30 seconds I see this wet spot pooling under the bike. So I take a look and I see that I have coolant dripping from the remnants of my coolant drain bolt. The best I can tell is who ever rebuilt the engine, they cross threaded the drain bolt. Then it appears they possibly tried to re thread the hole but didn't do it square so the bolt is threaded in sideways. Then to the matters worse the head of the drain bolt was ground flush with the case. There is even a part of the case that was touched by the cutting tool leaving a mark showing it was ground down.

So I email a picture to Todd ask him what to do. I'm thinking that it's just a stripped hole no worries right? Well Todd call me back promptly. I wasn't even upset if you can believe that. Before I ask a question Todd tells me he remembers receiving the motor with the drain bolt already stripped and with it's current "fix". I chuckled. Then he said initially they though the bolt was broke in shipping but couldn't find the head in the crate. He also said that it appeared epoxy was allied to the threads to stop the leak. Now I'm thinking great, you glued the dang thing in place also. What a mess. Remember how I removed fluid from the motor. Well I removed the coolant from the nice intact drain bolt that use to be on my motor. I then gently put that back in the proper location prior to shipment. I also never fully set the bolt because it was going to be pulled out in the service work. Secondly if the bolt snapped in shipment it would break completely flush with the case. Also I wouldn't have the tooling marks. FYI I have numerous pictures if this is ever questioned.

I didn't argue that the phone. There was no need. I would have just been lied to more. Todds solution was to "cap the hole with JB weld or get a new crank case. Lol a freaking new crankcase. All for a stripped plug. The fix he applied for the issue he created was probably close to the worse solution. This really wasn't a big deal to fix until he tried to cover it up and tell me I'm the one who did it. Unfortunately for me I might actually need a new case if the problem can't be fixed since since butchered it so badly. Time will tell as I have others try to fix Todds "fix". I do question the work that was done in the motor. I'll be using a new shop in the future. And Todd, Be honest with people. It's so much easier than lying. This is a fair representation of what occurred.

  • May 27, 2016

I've known Todd Heemsbergen for many years and have watched him first hand repeatedly lie and rip people off. He has a small motorcycle repair shop in a self storage complex but tells internet customers he's a state of the art performance shop with thousands of dollars of machining and testing equipment. He himself does not work on anything other than scamming people out of their money. He sub-contracts the work out to other mechanics or simply doesn't do anything and tells the customer it is done. Example, charge someone $600-700 to revalve their suspension to match their weight and skill level and all that is done is the factory fine tuning adjusters are turned one way or the other with a screw driver, the parts are wiped clean to look like they've been serviced, then put his suspension stickers on them. NO actual internal work done at all but charges the customer for the work and sends it back. He'll sell a $1000 engine package to a buyer getting a brand new motorcycle that is supposed to be stock legal but make more power, but never take the engine out of the frame or do anything to it. Sticks the money in his pocket without any guilt and looks for the next deal he can profit from without doing anything for the money. He's a salesman and will say anything to get the deal, then come up with more lies when he gets caught. Locals like me can see what he's all about and there are only a couple of people in all of North Texas that support his shop. Innocent mail order buyers are what keeps the shop going. I've over heard him trying to pacify recent customers that question what they've received back from him and the excuses are usually unbelievable. Or simply lies and says he never promised this or that and tries to play the victim. Todd is a large man, about 400 pounds. And always has at least one pistol on him at all times so I think he feels he can get away with anything without any recourse other than people reversing credit card charges. He's ripped people off for tens of thousands of dollars that I know of and really should be behind bars. He brags about riding up to cars and breaking windows out to scream at soccer moms for checking their phone at a red light. Slashing people's tires at motocross tracks because they went to another place for service. Scamming insurance companies. Pulling his gun out just to watch black guys run. He really is a bad person and it's a shame more people don't know who he really is before giving him their money. Facebook Todd isn't close to real life Todd who is only your buddy so long as he thinks you're a potential sucker to steal from and that is 1000% fact. People need to open their eyes like I did and go somewhere else.

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