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Textron Specialized Vehicles

Country United States
State Georgia
City Augusta
Address 1451 Marvin Griffin Rd
Phone 1 800-241-5855

Textron Specialized Vehicles Reviews

  • Jun 7, 2019

Bought a 2017 Ambush IS in May of 2017. It has been repaired at least four times- twice to replace transmission actuater, once for electrical problems. The last time transmission control module and recharge receptacle. It has made trips to the dealer except for one at my expense for a total of near $500.

Now it’s out of warranty by one month and the dealer has little interest in repair because they are not a Textron dealer and Textron no longer makes the Ambush IS. I spoke to the Customer Relations manager in Augusta last year.

He had no interest, just told me to take it back to the dealer and have it repaired under warranty. Vehicle has been kept under cover, never abused (can’t keep it running long enough to drive it much less abuse it!) DO NOT BUY Textron products. They do not make decent products and they constantly break down! They have no resale value!

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