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Testimonial Engine

Country Canada
City Kamloops, British Columbia
Address 502 Holt St.
Phone 1-844-458-7878

Testimonial Engine Reviews

  • Jan 1, 2019

Doren is running an illegal marketing company in the US from Canada. Avoiding paying taxes and paying his 30 some telemarketers using PayPal to avoid paying taxes as are the employees. Soren uses false claims of his software and sends spam like emails that are automatically generated that are junk that floods your inbox with misleading claims.

Not only is he rude and belligerent when trying to contact him or his employees when there’s a problem with your account. Which is daily. When you ask for a refund he hangs up on you and blocks you as does his Employees. Tara Ramsey was the absolute worst not only does she try to sell you crap products but also trys to make fraudulent claims to PayPal to extort money from you.

AVOID this company at ALL costs! They think they’re clever. But boy do they have a surprise coming their way! The IRS will definitely have a field day with them! #jail. It’s a Federal Crime what He and His employees are doing. Period. Please avoid at all costs!

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