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Country United States
State Washington
City Redmond
Address 8332 196th AVE NE
Phone 1-866-837-8253
Website Reviews

  • Sep 26, 2019

Paid for overnight shipping because I was leaving town however they screwed it up and the order was never sent out when promised. When I called the next day to cancel, they refused and sent the order anyway. When I asked to speak to a manager, they said there were none and to email support with any issues or complains which I did.

The same idiot named Becky that I spoke with on the phone also is the one that monitors and responds to support. When the pkg arrived, it was returned to them unopened because I wasn't there to accept but when it got back to them, they refused to accept delivery. After doing a Google search I can now see this is a common practive for this business.

  • Aug 3, 2019

Went to for a cleansing program in order to help pass upcoming employment drug test. I bought their 10 day cleanse (this is the most expensive option). Followed the instructions and it was not effective. I was then informed that the product does not work 10% of the time. Instead of going for the Money back guarantee, I offered them an opportunity to remedy the situation. Their customer service is handled by whose only help is to try to sell you even more of the product that has already proven to be ineffective.

I then learned that the Money Back Guarantee is not all they claim it is. In order to get your money back, you must fail the test that the employer gives. Self administered tests do not count for the guarantee. In order to get my money back, I would have to fail the test that I have yet to take even though I now know that I will not pass it thanks to self administered tests.

This is clearly a scam being that they already know that their product will not work at least 10% of the time and if you are smart, you will never get to a point where you have fulfilled the requirements to get your money back on their product that does not work in at least 10% of cases. Beware.

  • Feb 5, 2018

After reading the glowing reviews of this product I decided to try it, even though it was expensive. I recieved the product and used it EXACTLY to the letter as the instructions stated, I didn't do ANYTHING the instructions said not to do. After using it I am still failing every test. This product is a scam perpetrated by people who prey on other people who are desperate, and due to their desperation are willing to pay the money that this product costs. Believe me when I say do not use this product, I would not recommend this for anyone. And don't even try to get your money back from these people if you fail too, because they will basically tell you that it's your own fault and will not refund you a single penny. COMPLETE SCAM, BEWARE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

  • Oct 12, 2017

Ordered 10 day Toxin Rid (product has 100% money back guarantee) Spent $249.00 for said product and followed their instructions to the letter. I failed my drug test. I called the company and explained what happened and instead of offering me a refund, tried to sell me MORE of their expensive garbage and stated that it was my fault. What happened to the 100% guarantee?!?! Do not buy from these people! They are crooks and their product is absolute overpriced garbage. Very expensive lesson learned.

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