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Terrace View Apartments

Country United States
State Virginia
City Blacksburg
Address 413 Hunt Club Rd
Phone 1 540-552-2996

Terrace View Apartments Reviews

  • Oct 19, 2018

Meth heads live there behind the pool and laundry room on the first floor one is named Cherie, in fact with a little baby, so sad. The maintenance men there allowed them to run the hot water heater bill up to hundreds of dollars of course I reported them and didn't have to pay the bill, but to know the maintenance men and meth head tenants are in things together, doesn't it make you worry? The methheads tried to break into my car TWICE and my apt TWICE. The idiot methhead actually leaves that baby unattended in the middle of the night to drive a creepy silver van to go get drugs, she doesn't even have a DL. She leaves the baby alone at night. CALL Dept. of children and families. It's #38 and #40. Good luck. And of course do not move there. Oh and they keep deleting this post. So I would screenshot this if I were you. Such a telling move...

  • Jul 10, 2018

Methheads/crackheads in units #38 and #40 caused me to move (these units are right behind the pool and laundry, and on the first level) their "friends" , more like fellow drug addicts, kept breaking into my car throughout my lease. They tried to enter my unit several times as well. I believe the baby (male victim) inside unit #38 whose mothers name is Cherie is in severe danger. Often in the middle of night she would leave the baby unattended and drive a creepy silver van (it is an older model that belongs to her mother, and no she doesn't have a driver's license to make matters worse, so that may be your perfect time to document the child negligence) to go get drugs or whatever methheads tend to due (prostitution,etc.) After I moved out ( the obvious) what you don't expect is there is an old maintenance man there they have befriended fellow drug addict of course that let them into my unit to run the gas bill up to 125 dollars (don't worry that has been fixed by sw gas due to the obvious and blatant malicious activity spike causing the bogus bill) If you are having an issue with these tenants please let this review be shown to light and also do not hesitate to call DCF (Dept.of children&families) to report the blatant child abuse and child negligence . Good luck.

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