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Country United States
State California
City Irvine
Address 2575 McCabe Way, #140
Phone 949-910-6028 Reviews

  • Oct 28, 2015

I owned a property in Coto that I had listed for Sale, Lease or Lease Option in 2008-09. I was contacted by Charles G. Salisbury and we met to discuss the possibility of him renting my property while I had it listed on the market. At that time he told me his long story about how he wrote a book and how he made so much money but that he didnt prepare for the taxes he had to pay on all the money he made. So he had (in 2009) just finalized his bankruptcy but that his other financials were in order. He talked about his son and how he wanted to have a room for him to stay when he visited. Apparently his ex-wife lived in the area as well. He had a deposit and 1st months rent in hand so even though I was reluctant to put him in my property, I felt for him and thought he would be ok as a tenant until I sold the house.

I think I was able to collect about 2 months rent from Charles Salisbury before his checks started bouncing.

I have about 30 emails from him saying he would pay and how his business was doing so well which was probably bull****. After several months of bad checks, I couldnt keep up on the mortgage and dual HOA's on the property so it forced me to fall behind on my payments. All in all, Charles G. Salisbury (SSN 330-32-XXXX) forced me to file an Unlawful Detainer to have him evicted from my property. After the eviction, total I am owed over $17,839 in back rents and legal fees alone. I almost lost my property to foreclosure because of him alone. We did end up selling but for much less as the market declined the whole time we were fighting to get him out.

DO NO RENT, LEASE, SELL or DO ANY BUSINESS WITH CHARLES G. (Glenn) SALISBURY. He is a broke, lying, cheating swindler. He crashed his car into several others in Coto while under the influance. Its alother story alltogether but I was there when he pulled up just after doing it and his car was totaled.

Any rebuttal to this story from Charles is BULLSH**. Proof to this claim can be found at the Orange County Superior Court website under the "Online Case Access" and "CRIMINAL Search". Just plug in "Charles Salisbury" and read all the dirt from my case and also everyone he has ripped off recently.

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