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Tenneco Inc.

Country United States
State Illinois
City Lake Forest
Address 500 N. Field Dr
Phone 02706 9025

Tenneco Inc. Reviews

  • May 26, 2018

Purchased 4 qualifying strut/shocks from RockAuto based on a sale by Monroe shocks way back in December, 2017. Tenneco, the rebate company of Monroe? (I'm not sure how these scams work), received and confirmed my rebate is being processed and will be mailed out. It is May, 2018 and 2 email inquires to Tenneco with no response as to the whereabouts of the approved $80 rebate.

Do not purchase Monroe products based on their rebate scam. Expect to full price if it's a decent price compare with all else. Will do everything in my powers not to purchase Monroe products from now on if there're alternatives, imo.

  • Apr 30, 2018

Yeah like some here I got it stuck to me as well. I have always used moroe shocks but,after this they will not have my business ever again. I dotted my "I"s and crossed my "T"s and sent in my info and made sure I was on tiime.Well I decided to try to go to their site and put my info in and sure enough,here it comes. I felt it and no I wasnt even kissed.Not only will I am not gonna deal with monroe ever again,I wont deal with anymore rebates from here on.

Id much rather french kiss a rattlesnake than to deal with anothe rebate deal.I hope this helps someone else out.Kenny M

  • Mar 15, 2018

I submitted the necessary paperwork to Tenneco, which was received and validated by Tenneco on 14Aug2017. After waiting the requested amount of time, I followed up with a phone call. I was told the credit info was sent to Bank of America for processing and issuing of the card, and was given a phone number for Bank of America. Bank of America had NO record of me anywhere- not my name, the rebate info- NOTHING. I called Tenneco again and informed them of the lack of info at BofA, and was told it would be corrected.

I called Tennco again on 9 & 10 Jan 2018 with the promise it would be "escalated" to higher management. I called again on 26Feb2018 with no further progress. On 14Mar2018 I called and spoke to a supervisor "Anna" (ID#19438) who informed me that my case had been "escalated" on 06Mar2018. She then brought on the line "Dory" from Card Services (internal to Tenneco, ph#1-877(or 866?)-855-7201), who assured me my card would be delivered within 7-10 business days. Anna also pointed out that the card must be run as "credit", and must be used before the expiration date and if not used by then a new card would not be issued.

I wonder- what are the chances I will receive the card before the expiration date?

  • Jan 11, 2018

Same old shit, different day.

Still waiting, 3 months after they claim to have mailed my rebate.

Several phone calls and emails later, all they can tell me is to wait a couple more weeks.

  • May 5, 2017

Tenneco is a publicly traded company that provides automotive products throughout the US that includes the brand Monroe Shocks A review of their website states they "share a commitment to helping our customers achieve success." Their values include "Accountability", "Transparency", and "Integrity."

In July of 2016, I purchased 4 shocks through based on the a promotional event advertised by Tenneco. The promotional event was titled the 2016 US Monroe Summer Ride Event Promotion and a $80 Prepaid Visa with the purchase of 4 shocks.

In August of 2016, I carefully mailed the documentation (certified) and met all of the conditions of the promotion. The documentation included the Complete Terms for the Monroe Summer Ride Event Consumer Promotion, Copy of Sales Receipt, Original UPC bar code from the packageing, and Tenneco Rebate Center pre-submission form. I have copies of all documentation, pictures, envelope, and original certified mail receipt.

I recieve a post card from Tenneco claiming the original UPC bar code was missing. They want the originals as "No Photocopies are Allowed."

Despite a letter and several phone calls to various representatives at Tenneco, they refuse to honor their 2016 US Monroe Summer Ride Event they advertised.

Perhaps, Tenneco may want to include on their website the additional core value "Rip Off" the home mechanic trying to save money on expensive automotive parts. Thank you Tenneco for the helping your customers achieve success by wasting their time and not fulfilling your obligations.

  • Dec 31, 2016

Purchased 2 new front shocks and 2 rear struts at local Firestone Complete Autocare center here in CT back in April 2016. Filed form for rebate and received an automated confrimation for pre-authroization of rebate and then mailed in all proofs of purchases and forms as required. Have not heard anything since and had almost forgotten about it. Have attempted to contact the company but so far no response. It would appear that this scam dates back to 2013 and this company continues to get away with it and/or has never resolved their issue with their rebate fulfillment provider.

  • Oct 22, 2016


Pay the price do the paper work and get scamed Dynomax and Momroe are getting a bad rep by dealing with this company

  • Aug 20, 2016

The great Rebate scam by Tenneco AKA Rancho Suspension. Here is how the scam works, first you go online and submit a pre-submission form to which you receive an email stating they have received you submission. Next you send in a copy of your receipt to the rebate center. Then you wait and you never hear a word so you call six weeks later to talk to a representative that says we have no record of your claim. You offer to forward a copy of the email they sent you stating they had received your pre-submission. Then you get a supervisor who gives you a canned response stating you have to start the process over again. So you indeed do the process over and call back six weeks later and believe it or not they have no record of your re-submission. So this continues until the offer expires and now you get no rebate.

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