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Tempo Creative

Country United States
State Arizona
City Scottsdale
Address 8700 E Pinnacle Peak Rd
Phone 480-659-4100

Tempo Creative Reviews

  • Dec 9, 2016

We believe we are owed $15,000 totaling the amount paid to Tempo Creative, LLC (Tempo) as a deposit for an approximately 40 page custom website design project beginning in December, 2015.

As early as August 31, 2015, we stated via email to founder Josh Dolin,

"With regards to Tempo’s most recent proposal for our new website, I’m not opposed to investing the money... but I’m a little uneasy about the costs without understanding/knowing/seeing exactly what I’m going to get for my money. The proposal is nearly $30,000 for the design and copywriting. I want to move forward but would like some reassurances. For example, how do we measure client satisfaction with layout, design, photos and copy? Can we create a solid calendar for completion of milestones in the development timeline?”

Dolin’s email reply, also dated August 31, stated,

"In regards to your uneasiness, I completely understand. Unlike surgery, the results of design and marketing are not as evident or crystal clear. The deliverables in our business are usually judged by the eye of the beholder, so to speak. Please understand, I personally stand behind every single project we take on. The biggest hurdle and most difficult aspect of a web redesign is the initial comp layout and approval. If you are not happy or we haven't lived up to our reputation by that first approval, Tempo will refund your deposit in full. I'm 100% confident in our work and I'm sure you are going to be happy."

We initially agreed to a sum of $24,700 plus copywriting costs for this project because we were told we would be receiving an incredible “custom" website. What we have been delivered in over three months of work, is what we believe to be a simplistic, templated home page draft with uninspired design, stock imagery and with numerous errors. To our knowledge, no work on any other page content has been initiated, let alone completed, as of this time.

We also believe that Tempo has grossly exaggerated their business and capabilities amounting to misrepresentation and fraud.

According to Tempo’s proposal and our agreement, the company states,

We pledge to provide the highest quality digital marketing services.

We strive to cultivate long‐term relationships with clients who need and can appreciate the additional impact that work of our quality creates for their organizations, products, and services.

We understand that you have a choice when working with a firm like Tempo. We always strive to exceed the expectations of all our clients.

We believe in open, ethical,and nondiscriminatory business practices. We will treat all of our vendors, clients, and employees in a respectful, fair, and above-board manner.

We’re proud to operate as a premier firm, not a large cookie cutter agency. This allows you to work directly with those actually implementing our digital marketing services.

We are here to stay. Since 2001, over 700 clients from around the USA have received highly effective and professional marketing and creative results.

We’re not into surprises. We believe in open, fair, and candid relationships from the get‐go.

Tempo has NOT provided the highest quality digital marketing services to our business.Tempo provided two distinct options of a home page design only between January and March, 2016. The first version was offered in several different color schemes but was otherwise same in terms of design and layout. This version was not acceptable and was not approved. The second comp was based directly on a layout and creative design as provided by our company and we can prove it. No work has been performed on the website design/layout beyond these home page comps. Surprise #1.

Tempo has NOT exceeded our expectations and has NOT met our objectives. We have been grossly disappointed by the creative output, have paid a $15,000 deposit for a custom website product and we have nothing useable in return.

Tempo has NOT conducted open and ethical business practices. Unbeknownst to us, our project was completely outsourced including copywriting and website design. According to Josh Dolin, "we have several stellar copywriters we work with and are in the process of reaching out to them to discuss your project" and "we've briefed 3 of the best copywriters we've worked with and are now just waiting for a time commitment." The local copywriter (Linda Capcara) had in fact never worked with Tempo prior to this project and was identified through an online posting with the Arizona Tech Council network. I only recently learned that the website design itself was outsourced offshore to Indonesia. Surprise #2 and #3.

Based on the above, Tempo has NOT allowed me to work directly with those implementing digital marketing services. Tempo has NOT been open, fair and candid.

Furthermore, the company states "Tempo has built a reputation founded on strong client relationships by truly understanding and executing objectives. Our Scottsdale‐based team is made up of an extraordinary mix of talented marketing, design and technical individuals who have many years of experience building successful online and offline marketing. Tempo is the perfect partner to help your business attain remarkable, measurable results. Let us show you how it can happen on time, on budget and with results that you can be proud of.”

This "Scottsdale-based team" was two people (Ms. Charmon Stiles and owner Josh Dolin). My project manager (Stiles) of approximately 10 months announced via email she was leaving the company on February 8, 2016 and provided me 48 hours notice of her imminent departure. Stiles was, in effect, my only point of contact. Surprise #4.

Finally, Tempo Creative was not "here to stay". Following our April, 2015 formal request for refund by certified mail, our demand letter was returned undeliverable. Tempo has shut down their website and closed their Scottsdale office. A new splash page reads "we are working on something very interesting! Be notified! We just need your email address." Surprise #5!

We have 112 emails in my archive from Tempo Creative beginning in April, 2015 regarding our website redesign project. I also have more than 95 emails sent to Tempo Creative from the same time period to present to support our claims.

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