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Teleteria Inc

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 1325 Ave of the Americas 27 Floor
Phone 866-408-8694

Teleteria Inc Reviews

  • Apr 4, 2016

I bought two websites from Jay Servidio that were to be turnkey. That means something different to him than it does to the rest of the business world. With the business arrangement he was to provide me with two websites and marketing for $9000.00 and I could expect to be making money in 60-90 days. The websites were provided but he maintained the files so basically I paid him to create two webistes (canned sites that he changes the colors on for each customer) of which he had the files so he owned them all along. The two sites were completed and he springs a $1100 billing setup charge. In order to have your sites put on the net, you had no choice but to pay Jay this $1100. The sites did not work once I recieved them and had to wait about 2 weeks before he figured it out.

We had a payment arrangement for the sites. If the payment was due on the 15th of the month the text and fould language calls would begin on the 12th. This happenned every time and for no reason as I had never missed a payment and was always on time. He even called me at 0630am one morning to tell me "you better pay your payment on F******* time". First, calling me at that time is a violation of FTC rules as is the fould language. After the first month of this type of abuse I quit taking his calls and only dealt with him by email and text. He did not like that at all since there is a writtten record of what he has said. I repeatedly asked for a statement so I knew what I had paid and what I owed, all of which fell on deaf ears. If I paid for billing when I opened the account, why no statement? I asked to speak directly with the billing company and he would not allow that. Marketing was nonexistent in spite of me buying that. When I filed a compliant with the Better Business and attempted to file one with the Chamber of Commerce (they kicked him out a few years ago for his business/customer relations) but he told the BBB I never marketed my site. Well, if I pay somene to do something as was in my deal with Jay why would I pay him for me to do marketing he is to do? The SEO is another thing that cost extra for each site. If they are creating the sites they should already be SEO compliant but he creats the sites in a way that you must pay extra for that service. Not really turn-key or user friendly.

I requested a refund of my money that I had paid. I paid $8100.00 of the $9000.00 bill. After weeks of Jay calling, sending me text and emails full of foul language he stated we had a contract and there would be no refund. Not going to happen that way. He cannot have me pay over $8000.00 and not provide the marketing is a violation of the so called contract. Bottomline is he took my two sites back which I have no control over since he has the files for the sites and he took my money. I filed a complaint with the BBB which got his attention right away. They determined there was no contract since I never signed anything of the sort. To get to just what I paid took much work on my part. The way Jay does business he runs his business money through his personal account so he really has no idea what you have paid. Makes a person wonder how he pays taxes with money going in and out from everywhere. He claimed I paid $2000.00 and had not made any payment since March and this was now August. The facts were I paid $8100.00. The solution to the issue from Jays point of view was thete would be no refund, no return of the sites until I paid him a few thousand more and then and only then will we resume business. There is no win-win in that situation when he was in the wrong from the site. I gave him multiple options to make it fair for both of us, his response was fair does not matter.

I got no where dealing with Jay. Me providing him 1000s more is not fair nor reasonable. I was upfront with him about the BBB and he was not happy about that. His response for anything I did was I have dealt with your type before and I can wait you out. Well, that may be but he has not dealt with me. I made it clear that I was going no where, this will cost him much more that $8100.00 in reputation to Teleteria and himself. I may never get my money back but I will have the satisfaction knowing that others will be warned about Jay Servidio and Teleteria. Now he refuses to even discuss anything with me until I remove my post about Teleteria and him from the net. In violation of my First Amendment Right to free speech is a civil rights violation and something I am pursuing in the courts. He cannot as a business or even a person for that matter, to make as a condition of correcting a wrong or as they say in legal talk, to make whole, to restrict my right to free speech. He may have not ever given a refund before, but I have absolutely no intention of taking my post down on the net until he sends me $8100.00. I have filed complaints with the small claims courts in CT and NY, with the Fair Trade Commission, Consumer Protection Bureau (federally, CT, NY), the attorney general of New York (they suggest smalls claims and they wil be looking into them, IRS.

So my fellow people I would be very leary of Jay Servidio and his company Teleteria. Feel free to contact me if you want more answers and I will update thisas times go by.

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