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Telespectrum Inc

Country United States
State West Virginia
City Beckley
Address 251 Grey Flats Rd
Phone 304-256-0006

Telespectrum Inc Reviews

  • Nov 16, 2015

I was hired at Ibex Global/TRG October 5,2015 as an inbound sales agent for AT&T. I went through training with them and yesterday the wrongfully terminated my employment. I was "coached" on two calls I down the day before and one in which they edited. They told us in training class not to apoloze to the customers we take calls from for any reason. During their so called coaching session theu told me that I was going to be held accountable and only get a write up for those calls. But before I was fired the for the last three week I was constantly being called in and written for supposedely hugging someone without their permission which I never did. They also told us that we had to sell to all callers no matter waht when I was in their training classes. I did what they said and sold to everyone even ones that was suppose to go to another department to keep the as customer because they would not approve transfers. But I receive different treatment when I was in training taking calls because I am openly gay. the so called mentor and supervisor woulr help anyone male in the room that was straight, but because I was gay or even women that was in their they would tell us wrong information or tell us to figure it our on our own.

Even told us they elderly people are easier to sell two and to sell to them no matter what. Halloween they did a so call hollonween Tailgate and said I could bring my partner to it and they would not allow him to come in, telling him that it was for employees that had children only and they mentioned nothing to me about that at all.

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