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Telemarketing Leads

Country United States
State California
City Frisco
Address 5999 Custer Rd Ste. 110-183
Phone (800) 409-1101

Telemarketing Leads Reviews

  • Oct 23, 2017

Signed up after talking to Riley Martin and receiving a “report” of stats that indicated that they could set so many appointments in the selected counties. Claimed that they will not take credit cards so you have to send them a money order or a check. I sent a US Postal Service Money Order (can get them on this as Federal). They sent email that stated that they received the check and that leads would start the following week with the schedule that I had selected. The first week I did not get any leads and wrote them a letter.

They apologized and told me that there was some mix up. I did receive one lead at 8am and they were not home. I got another one the following day for 8am on a Saturday, and again he was not there. The next week the only set one, in a county that I did not contract with them for. I have written over 6 emails since starting with them. I have only gotten one email describing the process when a lead does not work out. I have left numerous calls and have received none back. I am going to Post Office tomorrow and filing federal fraud paperwork and these pieces of work.

  • Sep 27, 2017

Insol, will tempt you for insurance appointments and leads. They want a form of cash ($595) up front for 20 leads or appointments. None of the appointments that I bought knew anything about the "appointment" or were not home. The company soon stopped returning my calls or put me on hold for an hour before disconnecting. Riley Martin was the only person to pick up the phone until after she got my check. Then nothing except a few bad leads that I could get for free from my phone list. The appointent setter was always Pearl West. My prospects never heard of her. John Carstenson, PR and Marketing relations, never returned my calls of fax request. In fact nobody returned my fax request for contact.


  • Aug 30, 2017

Big-Time Rip. They wanted the first payment only by check. All subsequent payments by credit or debit card. Why? Sounded suspicious. The real reason is that many agents complained about the poor quality leads or no leads and got their credit/debit cards to get their $600+ back. The company did not like that. So only first payment by check. Rip-Off. Go elsewhere. Save your money.

  • Aug 24, 2017

InSol telemarketing leads is a Scam!!! They want you to send cash or a check for $695.00 for 20 preset appointments for insurance Medicare Supplement leads. As soon as they cash your check they start sending out notices daily stating they were unable to schedule anything for you. As soon as I did get a appointment 1 in 2 weeks, I called the beneficiary to make sure the appointment was good. She informed me that she had never even been contacted for an appointment, she didn't know what I was talking about, and do not come to her house! She wasn't even looking for a supplement. It made me look very bad as an Insurance Broker. I've asked for a refund of my money and got no response. Everytime I try to call InSol I get hung up on. My advice: do not use this company unless you feel like getting ripped off.


A very unhappy Insurance broker who knows tons of agents.

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