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TD Direct Investing Investor Centre

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Address 55 King Street West Concourse Level 1
Phone 416-308-1600

TD Direct Investing Investor Centre Reviews

  • Oct 8, 2018

Oct. 09,2018 Feedback Sent To TD Webbroker

Your whole dysfunctional organization makes me utterly sick.

You are also losing my business to Royal Bank.A site that doesn't put me through this bullshit when I try to sign in.

I don't have Compatability Mode enabled.I put you on my Trusted Sites list in IE11.I also have you in my "Always allow Cookies" list.

However when logging into Web Broker I get a greyish screen with a green circle and can't do anything and have to quit.I have only been able to access my account @3 times since July on a different,less secure Browser.

I don't want all your massive third party sites targeting me and I have Third Party cookies blocked.

Why the f**k do you insist I must let such sites as Facebook,Twitter,etc.,etc.,etc.,etc.,etc.,etc.,etc.,etc.,etc.,etc.,etc.,target me with ads "to enhance my browsing experience"? I want to manage my Investments at TD Canada Trust and can't.And don't dare say I can opt out of these third party sites.....because like most things from TD,that option doesn't work. Look at the huge # of Sites you insist customers allow to put their Cookies on their Computer.

Your new security check will want my home phone #.

I don't have a Texting App so you can't text me.So,when I am at work or frequently out of town you'll now call me at home to verify it's me! Well's just like now,I can't access my own account.Gawd almighty which one of you brainwaves thought that idea up?

So you will never get my phone #.You'll just sell it to every company and organization to call me with some shitty offer I don't want or need.

Don't quote me your Privacy Policy.Take the time to actually read it.My "Privacy" is protected by you allowing yourselves to do anything you want with all information you have on me.

Why do you put out such a massive Privacy Policy anyway? Right,it's so people won't take a day trying to actually read and decipher this drivel.

Well,I spelled out perfectly your "Commitment to Privacy" in just the above 2 lines.

Aside from being locked out of my account because I don't need ANYTHING from Facebook,this is just the last straw in a long list of poor service from TD.Too many to describe here and not the issue.

F"ck you very much.

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