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TCK Contractors, LLC

Country United States
State Missouri
City Saint Louis
Address Troy Ronk
Phone 1-217-469-2195

TCK Contractors, LLC Reviews

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  • Oct 27, 2016

Troy Ronk started out looking like a hard worker. He showed me pictures of his other work and always talked about his guys (employees). Said he use to be a sheet metal worker. He seemed pretty handy. I watched him move and replace a couple electric lights and a chandelier. So I gave him a list of things I needed done. He gave me a bid and said the soffit fascia and gutters would be done in a week! He fired his subcontractors because they expected to get paid. Then I sat for another 60 days while squirrels made homes in the soffits that were put up. I finally had to call somebody else in to finish the job and pay for it a second time. While he was here he charged $356 on my credit card so that his kids could go to a concert. I told him I would not call the police if he just paid me back.

He never did. I'm also missing three rings and a watch. I mentioned something about I had this little small jewelry box and of course only these particular three rings were real and the rest was just junk jewelry, the next time I look in the box only those three rings were gone.

I gave him the chance to return them as well. He did not! Just for the jobs that he did NOT complete that I had to hire other people to finish, he owes me a refund of over $2500. Then there's the credit card charge which I did call my credit card company and they're probably going to charge it off. Also, I did call the police today and I'll be going in to make a statement. I would not believe a word he ever said again and his work was only good enough. but when it came to the finish work, it was really bad. I even had to put my own light switch cover on an exterior light switch on the porch because he never came back to do it! He has made every excuse from having two different diseases to go transportation and his employees not showing up as a reason for not coming here again. That's been over the last 70 days.

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