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Taylor Community

Country United States
State New Hampshire
City Wolfeboro
Address 66 Taylor Drive
Phone (603)-524-5600

Taylor Community Reviews

  • May 21, 2019

I’m a 94 year old woman living independently in a Taylor Retirement Community. I am fully capable of doing all my personal care and have minor daily home care chiecking in 5 minutes a day to check my meds. Out of the blue they insisted that I go to Assisted living and told my children that the Doctor and my Therapists recommended it.

Through investigation by my children, this was a blatant Lie. We have medical records proving that a Taylor submitted false medical information to my PCP in order to obtain a recommendation. The physical therapists have stated on record that they don’t make recommendations. I have been a resident here for 11 years, paid a $210k buy in fee for continuing care and was planning on living here the rest of my life.

After exposing this information and past reckless endangerment with my Medical Alert System being disconnected / poorly maintained which substantiated a Breach of Contract, they Terminated my contract without cause. My children suggested getting in home healthcare but they denied us and forced me out.

The Apartment I am in is in high demand and with my removal, they will be able to secure another $300,000 plus higher rent for my unit. Simply put, I was in their way and they stop at nothing in the name of profit. My safety and care was the least of their concerns.

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