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Taxi Music

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Taxi Music Reviews

  • Oct 8, 2016

I signed up with Taxi music about 6 month ago. I was a bit hesitant because I use to have my music placed in TV and Film years back and was not charged for my music to be placed but being away from it for a while I decided that maybe this can be a kick start back up so I paid the $300 fee.

I submited around 25-30 submissions ($5 a piece) and only had about what they call 3 forwards.

Heres were it gets interesting.

I mainly shoot for listings from Music Supervisors and most of my submissions I felt were on target to what the discritption stated and then got declined.

In the mean time I had been doing my own research and submitted the same songs to very well established music superisors and licensing companies and the responce was completly different.

Taxi would say that the "song lyrics" needed work "not enough melodies" "to much going on" "Consider re writing the lyrics" and then reject the song.

In the mean while I am getting great feed back and placements with those same songs through music supervisors and licensing companies and did not spend a dime.

I think Taxi might have real leads but the reviewers are not the best representatives for the industy. Maybe thats why they work for Taxi.

Either way I write this to say, do your own reasearch and get feedback from companies that dont charge. CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN! Taxi may work for some BUT I can bet that percentage is VERY VERY low.

Better off doing a little reaserch.

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