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Tax net financial

Country United States
State Alabama

Tax net financial Reviews

  • Apr 11, 2019

Tax net financial is a predatory company. They are violating state,federal, american rights and laws!

*filed my returns without letting me even review them.

*unconscionable contracts and misleading process

* violate privacy laws

*violate federally regulated accounting ethics laws,

*refuse to supply complete tax forms and calculations

*provide misleading tax data to irs by not providing tax payer all options for income and expenses in software this tax payer unconscionably provides a portion of actual data!

*$6,000 difference between yax net and major competitors i hired to complete!

*i tested my tax results with: jackson hewitt, turbo tax, hr block and liberty taxes and taxnet financial. Results: all but tax net calculated taxes owed $6,000 more than tax net!

*now i have to take the time to fix their scam, and my hourly rate is $500/hr as an adjunct professor and certified re appraiser!

*do i smell a class action :))

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