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Country United States
State Arizona
City Chandler
Address 25 S Arizona Pl, Ste 410
Phone 4356889595
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  • Jun 14, 2018

I purchased an ipad knowing it was used but the price was good and the ad says 100% money back no hassel gaurantee. I wanted to outfit my entire crew with them so I ordered one to see what the product would do. We already use apple products in most areas of our company so I was prepared to update the oporating system and at the very least use them to access oour cloud based calendar program.

When the ipad arrived it was so old it would not update to the current oporating system and literally was not able to use it for anything but maybe a cutting board. I asked my assistant to return it and after 3 weeks of trying to work that out we were informed the company had filed for bankruptsy and we would have to go through a government program to get any satiusfaction.. As much as that sucked to hear I understand sometimes these things happen. I was prepared to leave it at that when today in my inbox came another email advertising exactly the same thing.

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If they were in bankruptsy why are they still offering the same product to new unsuspecting buyers. ( did you notice the FREE RETURNS 100% Risk Free 100% easy?) this is a total scam. I don't like being cheated and usually don't waste my time with anything negitive but these guys really cooked my goose. If you buy from them BEWARE they are not acting in good faith and they do not honor thier warrantee or thier word.

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