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Country United States
State Alabama
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  • Feb 20, 2017

On December 23, 2016, I received an email from Jason White (Take Surveys For Cash Founder), which encouraged me to sign up to get registered for special paid surveys at 50% off. After clicking on the link, I was presented with another link which offered an opportunity to take surveys twice as fast (again, at a discount). I accepted both for the total amount of $76.00.

The payments were confirmed by CLKBANK Receipt # Y4RC4WEG and AV772QWC.

After receiving the payment confirmations from CLKBANK, I expected to receive the promised Registration email from Jason White/Take Surveys For Cash. Although I have complained to the email address from which I received the promotion, all I get is the same promotional email and when I click the link for registration, it only leads to a promotion asking you to purchase the very same items I had just purchased.

When I researched Jason White and Take Surveys for Cash on the Internet, I learned it was a scam.

I reported the matter to my credit card company the very next day (December 24) and again on December 28, but did not receive a satisfactory response and the amount of $76.00 was not refunded.

I have therefore been scammed of $76.00 by Jason White/Take Surveys for Cash.

CLKBANK is also complicit in this matter as they have been receiving monies on behalf of this scammer for years.

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