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Taft Furniture & Sleep Center

Country United States
State New York
City Albany
Address 1960 Central Avenue
Phone 518-456-3361

Taft Furniture & Sleep Center Reviews

  • Jan 31, 2018

I recently purchased a brand new dining room set from Taft Furniture. Everyone was nice and smiled at time of purchase. the sales person “Tom” even conversed about his wife and daughter.

Then.... delivery day happened. The delivery guy was rude and disrespectful so we refused the furniture and told them they could take it back. I called to speak to the store manager and they told me they didn’t have a store manager, they only had department managers. I was transferred to the delivery manager.

I told him that the delivery guy refused to wear show covers inside our residence. He said he would put them on but he was not “going through all that”. So I refused to let such a vile and rude guy enter my residence. Eventually they sent over two nice guys and they delivered the furniture.

We ordered 2 extra chairs for the table but they only delivered 2 chairs. 2nd phone call of the day. I was told they didn’t have any chairs and if they did they’d have to order them from the manufacturer. Ironically they delivered 4 additional chairs later that day.

They were so rude and condescending each time I called so I decided I didn’t want the set anymore. I went to the store to return my items and they told me they didn’t have a return policy so I was stuck with what I had.

Oh i didn’t mention the chair had a rip in the seam. The sales manager “Tom” pretended not to know me after our LONG conversation about his daughter and Daycare. AND the sales manager, I believe his name was Mark was the most unprofessional person i’ve Ever met. after Being told I couldn’t return the “New” furniture I’d purchased 4 days ago the manager “Mark” filled out a sheet and told me someone would contact me about repair.

That was my only option On a new set i’d purchased 4 days ago. I was visited yesterday 1/29 by someone in the repair dept. He looked at the chair and said “I don’t know why they dont just give you a new chair? My response was this is a brand new set. (sarcasm).

Well today I received a phone call from “Donna“ from the customer service Dept. She offered me a chance to come to select a chair from any set in the show room. I laughed so hard to stop myself from crying!

DO NOT EVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE! What a horrible feeling to purchase a brand new dining room set and do not have the opportunity to enjoy it.

I’m awaiting a call from the customer service manager regarding the generous offer of a new chair from a set in the showroom to compliment the set that it doesn’t belong to (sarcasm). Please help me i’ve Been robbed!

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