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TAC ONE Consulting

Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 5770 Clarkson St. #E
Phone 720.425.5687

TAC ONE Consulting Reviews

  • Jan 15, 2019

I had known Mr Joseph Deedon for 4 years, before this loan transpired. For almost 3 years he was employed by Jefferson County Sheriffs department and began to do specialized police dept training and Concealed handgun training "on the side" for extra money. The idea began to take up more and more of his time. Eventually the sheriffs office got wind of his extra income, and he was let go/quit- depending on whos story you believe. He decided to start Tac One consulting, and become self employed. All was good for over a year for him, until Mr Joseph Deedon approached me July 15 2014 and begged me for a personal loan of 12k. to keep his business of Tac one afloat. According to him, He had extended credit to his clients of 60 and 120 nets to police departments for the specialized training he offered, and the cities were being slow to pay him. According to him, it was only needed for one month, because a large check was coming in, and would easily pay the loan, with this check. I decline. He continues to call me and, beg me, knowing I had money from buying, fixing a few cars, and always had money available to buy a good deal. For two weeks he continued to ask for the money, and I told him it wasn't worth it for me, for the risk, and I could earn a better living, using my money to buy a couple of cars, than to lend to him. He eventually offered 3000 for borrowing my money for a month, so payback 15k, to make it equal to what I could earn using my money on cars. I finally stated he needed to use collateral. He offered his 2001 Ford Excursion diesel and all of his glocks and mp's of his business, as collateral and a life insurance policy as collateral. We wrote it up. and he got the loan.

When a month was up, I asked for my money and he didn't have it all, but asked if we could do payments for a few months, until the cities finally paid up. He offered to pay additional for borrowing my money for even longer. 4 payments of 1500 went by.

Then he came back begging for another loan- Another 12,000 promising to pay back 15,000 on this money too within a month, along with whats owed on prior loan- December 23rd 2014 "I have this huge contract with the Virgin Islands police dept and need to bring trainers and buy the airline tickets and hotel etc. But when this is over, I will have MORE than enough to pay back both loans." I asked for additional collateral again, he states "please use prior collateral and I will also included you on the tac one business checking account, so you can take money as you desire and also my idea for an LED system for the police to carry, when is dark to keep from having police on police accidental shootings, in high stress situations." total he promises to pay back is 30,000... with 6000 paid in 4 months then these payments happen.

2/29/2015 pays 3500 cash to me, because I used the key for his truck, to repossess his truck, while he in a training class. He calls threatening me to call the police, because the truck IS NOT HIS TRUCK! Sends me a picture of his brothers name on registration! He had changed the ownership to his brothers name, He fraudulently used his brothers' truck to collaterize the loan.

4/15/2015 pays me 1500 via paypal

6/29/2015 pays 4000 sending his employee to meet me for a cash payment.

8/3/2016 pays 1500 cash to me

with all his promises of paying "extra" for continuing the loan, I am still owed almost 20000.00 from his promises for "NOT" paying me back as promised... I have agreed to take 15000... yet he does nothing.

As of now 4/19/2018, he has not paid me anything for over a year and a half... continues to run his concealed carry business, on the road training police departments.... using other peoples names on trucks and cars and anything of value. Lives in Scottsdale Arizona at address 7575 e Indian bend loop, Scottsdale, AZ. going golfing all the time. Has a new truck, as he blew up the engine in the truck he used for collateral to gain access to my money. Uses PO boxes in Colorado, and lies to people that he lives in Colorado. Has ripped off a fellow officers for over 50,000 on another personal loan, ripped off his trainers that trained the police in the virgin islands, and not paid them for their time and money they had to pay to get to the VI trainings. Enjoys his vacations when he goes to Virgin Islands for a 4 day training session, and spends two weeks there, with his GF. He rents the place in AZ. owns nothing of value in his name, knowing if he is sued, there will be no assets in his name. This guy is scum. When I call him or text him, he always "Bro I have a check coming from bla bla, and you are going to get all your money back next week... tomorrow.... next month" ... every ... single .... time... like a broken record, for almost 4 years I have been hearing this... Don't lend this guy ANY money. Once he has it, he will continue to use his fake friendship with you, to gain as much money and free labor and fill your head with lies.

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