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T & T Towing & Repair

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Beaver Falls
Address 701 6th Ave
Phone 724-846-1922

T & T Towing & Repair Reviews

  • Nov 5, 2016

I was having problems w my 97 jeep. sputtering n reving high RPM s w no power. i took it to TNT Towing and was told its valve body. that the part was only accesible by dropping the transmisson n taking it apart. 2 weeks i searched for a valve body. would cost same to replace the transmission . i asked Gary how much he wpuld charge me for tranny install. he said $400 . i hot a used transmission from Meyers auto salvage for $200 . when i picked up muy jeep it was clearly not right. I told him it wasnt sitting right in the Jeep , this is my 4th Jeep Grand Cherokee Loredo. The dipstick was hard pressed into rear of engine. Showing that the transmission wasn't sitting right.within few blocks my Jeep was violently shaking entire jeep. went back and Gary said the tranny was junk.he blamed the Junk Yard .. Meyers in beaver fa,pa . Then Gary told me that he would clean up my tranny n take any needed parts off the junk tranny . that it save me some money. picked it up again.was told i owe $450 bucks now. still sputtering,whining,revving up w no power.Gary said that it was fuel pump. replaced it. not the prblm..then Gary said torque converter.wasnt that either. Gary says its waste of money and i needed to put another tranny from specific place . i did. Donawitz slavage New Brighton Pa $350warranty.picked up my jeep and check engine light on. when i asked Gary about it he replied. ( as long as its driving dont worry about it.) made them check what the code was and was told its a governor selenoid.Also requiring to drop tranny n take apart. I took my jeep to Donawits and was told theres metal in tranny because Gary didnt change the radiator before replacing tranny. when i told Gary what the junk yard said he snapped.he said he not going to ne the scape got and he would call Donawitz. came back the next morning and Gary told me to leave. that he was not touching my jeep again. to forget the $150 i owed and take my jeep elsewhere. i had paid $1050 of $1200 and still no jeep. My jeep sat for most of 6 plus months outside his shop. It spent weeks on end untouched.any mechanic knows you supposed to check the small ,cheap fixes working up to high cost problems. had he done his job he would have found it was never the transmission. my brother n I replaced the bad governor pressure sensor, two vaccum leaks and a loose valve on my fuel rail. i wasted two thousand bucks for nothing. It ended up costing bout $150 bucks to get it purring like a kitten . WE fixed in 2 hours what TNT failed to in 6 months n $1050.00 . WOW.

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