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Sylvan Learning of The Woodlands and Magnolia

Country United States
State Texas
City Magnolia
Address 32731 Egypt Ln #503
Phone 281-305-4284

Sylvan Learning of The Woodlands and Magnolia Reviews

  • May 20, 2018

I invested money in a land partnership and restaurant venture. When the venture failed my partner demanded I give him more money for the Warranty Deed to the property. I hired Garg & Associate attorney John W Ghezzi to have the Deed transferred to my name without further payment to my partner.

Ghezzi did no research on what my partner owned free and clear. At mediation the opposing attorney said he would declare bankruptcy which would drag the Warrany Deed into the lawsuit and I could end up with nothing.

I found out after the fact theres no sense in filing a civil suit if theres nothing to collect. One expects to get this type of information from their attorney, never happened in my case.

I signed the mediation agreement giving my partner the same money he wanted before any attorney was involved.

Before any money was paid I found out online there were liens on the property. Ghezzi failed to check on this before mediation. Ghezzi did not ask about liens during mediation. After advising Ghezzi he called the partners attorney who said the liens were public information. (I was stuck with the liens) Fortunately the partner paid off the highest lien initially about $88,000.00. The second lien was about $10,000.00. When I inquired if his superior Sarita Garg could do something to have the remaining lien removed he said she would just turn the case over to him and would cost more money. I then wrote a letter to Sarita Garg. Ghezzi then emailed that he would help get the lien removed at no futher cost. After about a year I wrote Sarita Garg again that Ghezzi had done nothing and no one would buy the property with a lien.

In his final "Cease and Desist" email Ghezzi wrote not to contact him or Sarita Garg anymore, I would not be reimbursed for the lien cost, I would not get a W2 requested, would not receive a countersigned Garg contract. Never received my legal file requested more than once. Ghezzi wrote the liens were not within the "SCOPE" of the legal services and no mistakes were made.

I paid Garg and Associates $12,000.00 for nothing plus $3000.00 for lien removal. The online ADS for Garg & Associates and ad associated with Attorney John W Ghezzi are very impressive. For $12,000.00 I received Christmas Cards from Sarita Garg and John W. Ghezzi.

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