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report scam

Country United States
State Alabama
City Denver
Address 2032 S Pontiac Way
Phone 3037587187
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  • Jun 9, 2016

This is my first, and hopefully last report compaint. Although i value it's services, i think we all wish this site did not need to exist. That being said, here is my report.

I am attaching the letter i sent to this company, as it describes the ordeal i went through, as well as how i addressed it. What is not included, is that the owner just called me, completely hostile and threatening, which convicnced me this report was needed. If youre short of time, the moral is never ever ever hire this company!

"i am writing you to object to your recent bill of $634.09 for opening my pool at omitted my address). I am objecting this bill for many reasons, i’ll try to be as detailed as possible.

I called to schedule my pool opening in early spring, roughly 2 months in advance to the opening date. It was my understanding that we were confirmed for monday may 16, 2016. I called multiple times before open date to confirm this appointment. Most calls would not be answered, nor my messages responded to. It was important for me to confirm this date because i had taken time off from my work schedule to be at the house during the appointment. I had specifically mentioned the importance of a confirmed appointment time, to learn more about my pool, and to approve the extent of the work needed to open the pool.

On may 16, i spent the day waiting for our appointment, which never came. There was no contact from you, nor response to my calls, to explain why our appointment was not being honored. After 3 days of calling with no response, don called me to explain that they were behind, and he would confirm with his team a new appointment time. There was never a call back.

On thursday may 19, i came home from work to find the pool cover partially removed, and an electrical pump draining the water from my pool to the street. Considering i had not heard from swimming pool service and supply, i could only assume this was your company’s doing. At 9:30 pm that evening, a strange sound kept me awake from my back yard. I went to the pool to find the pump running dry, all of the water had been drained. No one from your company had come to shut off the pump, risking ruining the pump, as well as risking electrical hazards from the sprinklers coming on later that night. I unplugged the pump, and brought the extension cord away from the sprinkler zones.

The next morning, after getting out of the shower, i heard water running downstairs. I noticed your team was in the back yard, and had started cleaning and filling the pool. The spigot they were using was broken, and had a bag tied over it to indicate it not working. One of your employees had removed the bag, and turned the spigot on, causing water to begin flooding my house. When a bag is tied over a gas station pump, or a parking meter, it is obvious to most) that it is not to be used. I rushed outside to turn off the pump, and tell them not to use that spigot. After shop vaacing the water and cleaning the flooding, i rushed out of the house to get to work. I was late for an important meeting, due to your employees flooding my house. If i wasn’t at the house that morning, the damage could’ve been catastrophic. That night, the hose was filling the pool.

About 24 hours later, the pool was filled. No one had come to check the water level, or turn off the spigot. Had i been out of town, the pool would’ve overflowed, flooding my backyard, and the yards of my neighbors, causing unimaginable damage, i would’ve been responsible for. I’m not sure when the team did end up coming back. But i noticed the pump had been turned on. The heater was not turned on, nor the backwash hose been attached. I had no idea if the pool had been treated, or any idea of what work had been done. There was no contact by any member of your team.

Only 2 days following these events, i received a bill for near triple the amount we had discussed for opening the pool. I want to note that this extraordinary bill came in a shorter period than the amount of time your team was late to our appointment. I had specifically asked to be present for the appointment, in order to ask questions, understand the process, and approve the work being done at my home. None of these were provided by you, your company seriously risked damage to my property (3 times), and neglected any communication with me.

I did not approve an acid wash of the pool, nor the times you did come onto my property. I called early this week for about the 12th time this season) to discuss the bill, and have not heard anything from you. I am writing this letter to object to your invoice, inform you of the potential damages inflicted by your company, and to hopefully come to some resolution.

My suggestion to a solution is as follows. First, your team comes back out, at a confirmed scheduled time, to discuss how the pool was opened and how they suggest maintenance throughout the season. Second, this absurd bill is reduced back to the discussed amount roughly $200). Third, you reduce the balance further to represent the amount of work i did personally to prevent electrical damage, flooding of my house, and flooding of my property and the surrounding areas.

I believe this matter should be addressed asap. I will not be paying this invoice until i have heard from your company, and a resolution has been reached. If i do not hear back from you, i will also submit this letter to the better business bureau,, yelp reviews, google, angies list, and any other avenue where local businesses are rated.


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