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Super Affiliate Mastery

Country United States
State Alabama

Super Affiliate Mastery Reviews

  • Feb 12, 2020

I was one of the first people to jump into this "course". And one of just 10 on the first monthly members call. Upon entering into the course I found most/all the information to be rehashsed and reused from the admin's previous courses. Many of the modules were incomplete and missing information.

Inside of the course they expose two "money sites", but after some basic research I uncovered neither of the sites ever had ANY traffic sent to them. They were all recently registered and the content on them was copy and paste (stolen) from another blog years back.

Also, all of the disclaimers on the money sites (which I read thouroughly) seemed to better represent a make money online company rather than a health and wellness/fitness/DIY blog.

The first disclaimers I've ever read that try to sell the make money online dream... I emailed these findings to support, but they were brushed under the rug.

It's also important to note in the course that if you are expecting to see Andrew OR Peter roll up their sleeves and show off their OWN ad accounts, or them actually running their OWN ads, it won't happen--you're given a series of outdated videos recorded by one of their "media buyers" setting up campaigns that wouldn't make it through the review process today.

On the first call I was one of the only members to actually speak and participate. And during this time I asked some questions that neither Andrew OR Peter could answer.

Literally my first question was dodged with a "this isn't the way we should be doing the call" comment (paraphrased). After the first monthly call finished with a "hard 1-hour stop" I sent in remaining my remaining questions to support, who said they will ask Peter and Andrew for answers.

Days passed, no answers came, instead I was told they are traveling and don't have time to answer... but they have time to post on Facebook all day. Mind you I fed them most of the questions for call one, and these were questions other members were also super curious to know about, like:

"When is the right time to add feature X to money site Y, should you wait until you do this or that?" You know, things that should have been convered in the course and should have been answered immediately by them on the call or through email to help their members out.

Instead, they tried to drag the questions... my questions... out until the next monthly coaching call. At this point, I had seen the writing on the wall, so I set my membership to cancel which, lo and behold, was the day of the next coaching call!

Because I actually work and don't post pics on Facebook all day, I wasn't able to make it to the call. By the time the replay went up the next day my account had expired and even though I contributed EVERY question to the call I was not given a link to the replay.

For all I know none of the questions were answered adequately... if I was a betting man I'd say they weren't. Overall it's just a cash grab. They inflate their numbers to pull people in and try to pull off the fake expert attitude.

They've probably done very well before in the past when Facebook had no rules, but as far as I can tell their time has LONG since passed. Just my 4 cents, keep your money.

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