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Country United States
State Maryland
City Baltimore
Address 1201 S. Sharp Street Suite 110
Phone (877) 785-2624

StraighterLine Reviews

  • Aug 22, 2017

Students beware! DO NOT USE STRAIGHTERLINE!!! They have horrible student assistance, give automatic zeros with no plausible reason so you're forced to track down why which ends up being some supposed format issue but they won't give you details. You'll wait on hold for 15 minutes just to then get an automated message say to leave a message. Chat sessions are no better. No answers, no assistance. I guess I won't be starting nursing school when I thought I would because now I have to get a microbiology lab done. Oh and did I mention you have to pay $100 a month to use them plus the cost of whatever course you take PLUS close to $280 for the lab kit. Stay far away from these people! They prey on students desperate to knock out the last prerequisites they need to move on.

  • Dec 10, 2015

Signed up for one class with this company. Two days into the class, I realized I had been "taken". I waited hours for their teaching videos to loed even though my PC passed all of their tests. Their chat sessions were available to potential students 24/7 prior to becoming a student. Once you become a student, there is NO ONE AVAILABLE IN THEIR CHAT SESSIONS. Once they get your initial payment, they throw you under the bus. Their online text books take minutes to load once you turn just one page. They throw a plethora of information at you within a short time span (no videos available to load) and expect you to know what is important and what is not for exam 1. I signed up for college algebra.

Within 1 week I was expected to read 90 pages, digest multitudes of homework problems without any loadable video teaching sessions, and keep up with their trackable system of knowing I was "on Track" or behind. Two days into this course I knew I was "taken for my money"! Please, do your homework. I have two years' worth of college education. I know a good teacher when I see one. These guys are not good educators if you are in the business of learning. If you want to throw money away at a few courses that may not be acknowledged by your educational faculty...have at it!!! My money is valuable to me and so is my education. DON'T BE THEIR NEXT FINANCIAL SUCKER. What you receive is NOT what you are paying for. It only took me 10 hours of study and 2 days to figure this out.

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