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report scam

Spoutable, LLC.

Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Address 4150 Mission Blvd. Suite 220

Spoutable, LLC. Reviews

  • Feb 11, 2020


We hereby this Day of February 12, 2020 like to inform the General Public about the following company Title As: (PROPER MEDIA), and the subsidiary companies Title As:, (SPOUTABLE). (, (SALON).

The company (PROPER MEDIA), are "Doing Business As" A Digital Media Advertising Network and the subsidiary companies are operating at these Addresses: 4150 Mission Blvd. Suite 220 San Diego CA, 92109. Secondary Address: 1929 Hancock Street, Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92037. The company (PROPER MEDIA), and the subsidiary companies is privately owned by co founders: Chris Richmond, and Drew Schoentrup as the companies Head of Business Operations.

We like to share our experiences and to express our deeply concerns about SPOUTABLE.COM, (SPOUTABLE), to inform the General Public of Unlawful and Deceptive business acts to defraud and deceive our company. As we are in a ongoing dispute to be compensated as agree to as our company publisher revenue share. Which revenue was accumulated in the amount of $64.99 including the additional day of November 13, 2019.

When we should have reached their threshold to receive our first payment for our publisher revenue share. Which SPOUTABLE.COM, (SPOUTABLE), deliberately deleted and defrauded us for all income for that day. Which we provided services to, (SPOUTABLE), for a publisher revenue share that we still have not received as to date for our advertising as under agreement.


We participated in, (SPOUTABLE), affiliate publisher program for monetizing our site traffic. Which in general by placing advertisements on our site for a publisher revenue share for advertising. Note: The Day of November 13, 2019 which is the date the defrauding occurred. During this date we would have reached (, (SPOUTABLE), payment threshold to receive our first publisher revenue share payment.

Unfortunately, the following day without any notice determined that our site was disabled. We attempted several times requesting clarification of this manner but received "No Responses" after each request by Jeffrey Roberts. Which he is the President and Head of business partnerships and support at (SPOUTABLE), and (PROPER MEDIA). We investigated this situation and even requested to provide proof of our site (Google Analytics) that can verify the traffic of that day. If, any discrepancy had occurred for this reason. We have never got back any reason nor reply back from (, (SPOUTABLE), nor any support provided by Jeffrey Roberts on behalf of both companies.

During our investigation we founded that apparently, (, (SPOUTABLE), deleted all activity for the day of November 13, 2019 to make it seem if "No Activity" occurred during that day. Note: *According to our site (Google Analytics) we confirmed that traffic was generated on this day while having their advertisements on our site. This is absolutely! A unlawful defrauding of a publisher revenue share! As this is a known used deceptive, and fraudulent business act that advertising networks use to defraud honest publishers out of their revenue share. Which in general this is how the SCAM works. A advertising network may have hundreds of publishers that have not met a network (threshold) for payment. This revenue generally, just accumulates until each publishers reach the threshold of the network Terms and Conditions.

Note: This could accumulate for months, years etc. until the network threshold is met. So they will generally come up with some lame excuse, or give no reason(s) to disable your account to keep from paying you. So that they can defraud all the publishers with this same deceptive tactic to keep all the advertising revenue for themselves as like in this case! This is a very lucrative defrauding business act that some advertising networks are involved in to defraud publishers.

Note: The example below is a explanation of the defrauding SCAM of how much revenue that can be defrauded by a dishonest advertising network!

Overall Ad Network: 1000 Site Publishers

-350 Site Publishers (That have not met the Advertising Network payout threshold of a minimum of $100.00 for payment.)

Accumulated revenue on average from $1.00 - $99.99

$350.00 up to $34,996.50 (Unpaid account balances for the 350 of site publishers that has not met the Advertising Network payout threshold of a minimum of $100.00 for payment.)

NOTE: As you can see from the above example this SCAM can be a "very lucrative" business model to defraud site publishers for any reason by applying this defrauding act on a continuous basis. Which any Advertising network can continue to use to defraud new site publishers as they join. *Generally, The SCAM of the Advertising network defrauding process just repeats itself for more revenue.


Advertisers Beware Notice! As we were a publisher with, (SPOUTABLE), affiliate publisher program. We would also like to inform all advertisers that your advertisements are not targeted to the appropriate category nor by site as like you chose or recommend. For example: If you are a "Food" advertiser that only want your advertisements to run on a specific category as like "Recipes". Your advertisements will run on other unrelated categories and will be targeted by categories other than the categories or the site you intended not to advertise on. Note: Therefore, the results are that you will pay far more (CPM), as referred to as (Cost Per Mile) because of this deception act of, (SPOUTABLE), tactic to defraud advertisers!

Note: To confirm this we asked their support. Why do their ad optimization platform keep displaying in-relevant categories advertisements on our site content pages. They simply reply was the more categories that you have added for approval to run on your site. Will make more revenue for the site publisher. Which is another example of this network "misleading" and "deceitful" acts to defraud advertisers, and publishers under this SCAM deception affiliate program.


We highly do not recommend to all content web publishers to beware of, (SPOUTABLE), affiliate publisher program. They will defraud you when you almost reach your pay out threshold as a publisher to keep from paying you., (SPOUTABLE), is a defrauding company and can not be trusted! They use these deceptive tactics to defraud from publishers traffic by placing advertisements across your content. Which is not even relevant to your site content most of all of the time. Additional, If anyone else as a site publisher have been wrongfully defrauded and has never been paid by these defrauding companies. We advise you to please come forth and share your experiences about these defrauding advertising networks. The defrauding business acts of, (SPOUTABLE), and (PROPER MEDIA), must be held accountable for such unlawful business tactics to defraud advertisers and publishers! Advertisers and Publishers Beware!!!


The solely purpose of providing this "Notice" to the General Public and sharing our company business experiences about the above parties as described herein this report. To prevent defrauding, misrepresentation, misleading, abuse of advertisers and publishers in the future. We have provided the above parties notice(s) in advance of this procedure. Although, to this date we have never received any reply back from the above parties prior to sending the notice(s) of this event of action. Which have been recorded as our legal document that such notice(s) were given prior to this report date. Therefore, by following this business resolution procedure to prevent our company action(s). The above parties was given (90) Days to respond to this dispute or settle the dispute. We the disputing party received "No Replies" on every occurrence through many email attempts to inform (Proper Media), and (Spoutable) of our company final action(s) and the proceeding of any legal action(s).


As we the "Company" described herein as the disputing party are not responsible for any liability damages for providing this report nor can be held under any liabilities thereof for providing this report. Including any other Third parties that may publish and distribute this report on behalf our company complaint. This report may be distributed beyond our limitations including out of our control and jurisdiction. Therefore, we the disputing party as the ("Company") nor the ("Publisher") shall not be held liable in any case for any damages. Including any company defamatory damages nor personal thereof as related to this case nor any future case. This "Company" report described herein as a "Complaint" report was solely used to inform and protect the "General Public" about untrustworthy defrauding companies as such in this case.

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