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South Shore Auto Repair

Country United States
State Florida
City Ruskin
Address 2107 E College Ave STE D
Phone 1 813-645-1674

South Shore Auto Repair Reviews

  • Jun 7, 2019

100% - 300% markup on parts. Caught red-handed and all he could say was "we have overhead... Everyone does it.".BS. Good honest shops charge a SMALL markup on parts and make money on their labor. Here are the parts (and I pulled it up by part # right I'm front of him.) Rotors $145. They charged me $200 a piece. Calipers $42.

They charged me $88 a piece. Brake lines $16. They charged me $55 a piece. Bearings $8. They charged me $20 a piece. Wheel seals $3. They charged me $9. Plus almost $500 to do front brakes! Slow workers if it took them 5 hours to do the work. Assuming $100 per hour.

So they made about $350 ordering the parts!!! I would have went and picked up the parts to save myself $350. That's even assuming they pay online prices, which you know they get a discount with a business account. Scam artist. Real slick Charlie. Go anywhere else. These guys are probably rich pulling this crap. It's ok. What goes around comes around.

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