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South Point Pool and Spa

Country United States
State Texas
City Mansfield
Address 900 N Walnut Creek Dr # 100
Phone 817-899-6950

South Point Pool and Spa Reviews

  • Aug 26, 2015

We signed a contract with Owen Oasis Pools, LLC. late March 2015. The owner of the Company was Adam Owen and our salesman was Tom Owen (Adam's father). We signed for $51,338. The contract was setup in 4 payments of 30% at excavation, 35% at gunite, 30% at Deck, and 5% at plaster...We got all the way through the 30% at deck, with only the last 5% at Plaster...

This is when the wheels fell of and everything went south. I had a hard time getting them to give me a date of when the plaster was to be done. Lots of excuses and missed phone calls, but the "plaster guys are all backed up, are 3 wks out". I waited another 3wks and still no plaster. Adam and Tom both assured me that they were working on this and not to worry via text messages. After going another week without hearing anything, I started calling, texting, and emailing constantly trying to get answers. No response for a couple of days and then on June 23, 2015 I get a long text from Tom stating, "I no longer work for the company.

They are out of money and are probably going to close the doors."

At that point, I still needed plaster, cool decking, a pool cleaner, a large amount of sprinkler system repairs, and a mountain of dirt work and of course clean up...I called 5 pool companies to come out and bid finishing out the incomplete project that Adam and Tom had started. Only one of those companies even bothered bidding it because of the situation at hand. They did not want anything to do with our pool nightmare.

Come to find out that while Adam and Tom were telling me they were going to take care of the plaster and get someone out to our home, both Adam and Tom were filing for new DBAs to start new pool companies individually! Tom filed for his DBA (Tom Owen Pools) a week before acually collecting our last big check at the time of deck pour. Adam filed for his DBA (South Point Pool & Spa) the day before I recieved the text from Tom stating that the company had no money and was going out of business.

The quote to get everything finished per the original contract was $23,290!!!! I only owed Owen Oasis Pools, LLC $2,566.90 to complete the entire project when they walked out...I have already paid them $48, 771.10 of the contracted amount plus another $1,361.00 for upgraded tile ($361) and for too much rock at dig ($1,000). A wooping $50,132.10 in all...

The way I see it, they stole at least $23,290 from us. I am so far over buget on this pool it is not even funny. I am not even able to put a fence around it right now to comply with insurance and safety issues...These guys must be stopped as they are still trying to build pools for people.

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