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Snorkeling Hawaii

Country United States
State Hawaii
City Honolulu
Phone 808 306 8068

Snorkeling Hawaii Reviews

  • Oct 7, 2019

Terrible driver very erratic, kept texting and talking Chinese out loud on the phone. The van looked so old and the seats and other parts were falling apart. You can see the duck tapes being used on many parts to hold it together.

They said 20 minutes from Waikiki but we got picked up at 10:45 am, it should have been 10:30 am late 15 minutes, and we arrived to Hanauma Bay at 11:55 am. It was over an hour. I tried to ask why do you advertise 20 minutes and this lady got irate and got even louder on her phone.

She is now yelling to everyone that we need to be here at 3:00 pm for departure. So I tried to ask her for 4:30 pm departure as we got here late and I wanted a little extra time, but she again raised her voice and said “No! You need to be here at 3:00 pm or you don’t get a ride!”

So I asked her about the “Flexible Return Times” written on their advertising and she said “We are full, flexible return time is only when we have room!” This person continued to raise her voice as if she is arguing. This person is very rude.

She handed me my fins and mask and snorkel and as soon as I grabbed the fins some sand and water came out. This equipment were not clean. I showed her the water and sand and she said “We cleaned it so water still there!”

I then said what about the sand? And she kept saying it was clean. I could not bring myself to use the mouth piece so I ended up renting it from the rental at the beach for $12. We had to wait to pay $7.50 and watch the video, which took another hour so we only got about one and half hour to snorkel and shower.

This is the worst experience of my Hawaii vacation. AVOID this business at all cost. They are RUDE, NASTY, DIRTY, FILTHY, LYING RIP OFF SCAMMERS!!!

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