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SKT Themes

Country India
State Maharashtra
City Nagpur
Address 205, Yashodeep Apartment, Nelco Society, Subhash
Phone 91-955-257-3196

SKT Themes Reviews

  • Apr 23, 2018

I have a current and active subscription to their wordpress themes which ends later this month, however they refuse to give me access to any of the themes they’ve published in the last few months (which I already paid for)… UNLESS I renew my subscription for another year.

I've emailed them several times about the matter and they are completey unapologetic about not providing the products I paid for and offer no excuse for themeselves, other than I can have what I already paid for... if I pay them again.

Do not subscribe to their services. They will try and rip you off!

  • Mar 5, 2018


Hi, I dont recommend SKT Themes since they have unprofessional customer services and they dont have necessary information on their web page.

WARNING: Be aware that they store you credit card information and renew every year without your confirmation.

They give unprofessional responses to your e-mails, like: "We are in India. Here in India no one asks for refund." or "What legal??" ...

Before expiry date of my renewal I checked SKT web site and my account details and I havent seen any information about the payment, renewal or personal data related information after login to my account details.

Since there is no card information or renwal related information on my personal account details (*** I think they have to mention it explicitly about renewal process or put a link on personal accounts), I dont even know they store my credit card information.

After 1 year they auto renew and take $99 without my confirmation! They said, they sent 3 mails before, but I have only one mail mentioning for renewal on my junk mail. I only used their one theme when I first bought the themes and never used them after. They dont give information about the renewal when you first buy the service or any other information on my order.

I strongly advice you to avoid using SKT Themes since I saw similar and other complaints on web or be careful.

Anyway, may be I have mistakes not to find renewal mail on my junk, I havent informed that they store my sensitive data and they have already taken the amount, I advice people to be carefull!

  • Sep 15, 2017


First, they CLAIM that their WordPress themes come with PSDs. THEY DON'T. You have to email them in India to request the PSDs. And... they don't have PSDs for all of the themes (even though every page of their website says they do). The few PSDs they do give you are bad quality (flattened layers, no smart objects, etc.).

Second, there are glitches with the coding in their themes. I encountered problems with both themes that I attempted to build, and had to invest many hours researching work-arounds to get things like gallery thumbnails to display appropriately.

Third (AND THIS IS BIG), if you sign up for an "All Themes" package (as I did), you will automatically be billed annually, even though there is NO MENTION OF THIS anywhere on their website, or on your invoice! After I kindly and patiently requested a $99.00 refund for the extra year I did not purchase (a few days after i was billed, and after PayPal already deducted the money from my bank account), SKT Themes rudely pointed the blame on me, then started emailing me insults. I feel fortunate that I used PayPal and didn't give them my credit card number!

I can't remember receiving such bad customer service from a company who 'appears' to sell such a quality product online. DON'T BE FOOLED!

  • Aug 19, 2016

Best WP Themes Developer

I am having the SKT themes subscription from past 3 years. My experience with SKT Themes is very great, The support is excellent. After the “Design Agency Pro” theme arrival it has gone now to a whole new level.

  • Apr 6, 2016

Dealing with these unethical people has already cost me so much time and frustration I was hoping to save other business professionals the same horrendous experience. Apparently they do not even bother to check their themes for errors before selling them to their customers for $40 each. I purchased their Coffee Pro theme in March (18th) after finding their site from the WordPress ‘Themes’ page because I mistakenly thought that if you pay a professional company for an upgraded theme, you're more likely to have better design and coding. I was going for a quality theme with a solid structure I could build upon and customize for my new business. Unfortunately, once I downloaded the theme I discovered it did not even contain an install file. When I asked SKTThemes about this, they did not even apologize for the shoddy build and told me I was NOT getting a refund since I had already agreed to that in their fine print when I agreed to purchase their product; but they offered to get my personal information (which would have allowed them access to all of my client's private business website information) and just install it themselves.

I was not willing to do that since I must protect client information and ended up fixing it myself.

Fast forward to me getting time to complete the customization for my site in the Coffee Pro theme and now that is not happening because it's so buggy and poorly written, you CAN'T. I checked it with Theme Check (that I downloaded from the WP site), and there are so many essential missing files I am not willing to spend time to try and fix it myself nor should I have to. I sent SKTThemes a copy of the errors and I hope they will do the right thing and simply refund my money this time. I seriously doubt that will happen given the last few emails and their obviously indifference to selling a quality product, let alone having a decent customer refund policy when their product is unusable. I tried to warn other potential customers on the WordPress site, but they stated they could not post such subjects, (I guess they are also making money off the SKTThemes fraudulent business in some way or they would care more about associating with fraudsters?) Actually, I went back and looked on the SKTThemes site and they have now changed the same exact theme to the name Coffee Shop instead of Coffee Pro - most likely to avoid future customers finding bad reviews. If this guy would put half as much energy into simply providing the product he promises from the start instead of cheating people and providing a horrible product, he would make twice the money he is making committing fraud! So...all of that being said-. Buyer Beware with these people. Here are the sites to avoid purchasing from if you value your time and money: and

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