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Skip Barber Racing School LLC

Country United States
State Georgia
City Braselton
Address 5290 Winder Hwy
Phone 1-866-932-1949

Skip Barber Racing School LLC Reviews

  • Oct 10, 2016

Paid for my three day racing school in February 2015, came all the way from a foreign country in August 2015 having spent $1.8k on travel costs etc.,just to find out on the very day of the event that the cars "were not there because the truck driver fall asleep and that then the truck broke" or something like that. They offered "skippy bucks" and rescheduling + also reimbursement of travel costs that I incurred, which at the time I thought was a fine remedy. Not really. The rescheduled event was also canceled of which no one informed me and which I found out accidentally and of course I have not seen any reimbursement to date. They offered another rescheduling and some more "skippy bucks" to compensate for that, which I did not agree to and claimed a full refund. No refund, no response to date. Total amount concerned - $7.3k. Thanks God managed to get back at least the course fee from my credit card company, which took another couple of months. No communication from Skip Barber "Racing School" whatsover and I was even banned from commenting on their Facebook page.

As a piece of advice to other customers: you will get exceptional luck if the the "racing event" you sign up for does not get suddenly canceled. It can be canceled way before the scheduled date, on the eve of the event and even during the event, for this or that alleged reason. And it is not necessary that you will be timely informed, but they will definitely offer you a $1-2 thousand dollars equivalent of the so-called "skippy bucks" which you can spend for other Skip Barber Racing School's stuff and reschedule you for another similar event which will also get canceled, and they will offer you more "skippy bucks" perhaps. This seems to be an endless process simply to not give customers back their money and, if and when you start claiming a refund, these fraudsters give you assurances that it will be processed soon which, needless to say, never happens.

Beware of this business - the evidence and feedback of other customers suggest (just Google it) that they tend to deliberately resort to the following pattern of doing business: 1) early collection of payments for deferred service delivery, 2) not delivering the service on time, 3) offering customers enticingly generous benefits to further defer service delivery, 4a) if a customer is enticed and accepts the offer, the cycle continues until 4b) customer claims a refund which 5) they either delay as much as possible or do not provide at all.

  • Jun 14, 2016

I signed up for a $3200.00 3 Day racing school for November 2015. Two weeks before the event Skip Barber called and cancelled the event due to supposed parts issues with the cars. I was offered to reschedule or receive a refund which is what I opted for. I waas told by Richard Fernandez that it would take 30 days. I called after 30 days and was told by Richard that it was in accounting for payment and should be sent out in the next day or so. I waited another couple weeks and when I called back Richard no longer worked there so I spoke with Scott Hartinger who told me the refund was being processed but would probably take another 30 days. I called after 30 days and was once again told that it was in accounting and should be out to me any day. After several more phone calls I eventually spoke with Chris Kretzmer who informed me that the refund was in accounting but he would not be able to give me ANY idea when I might see the refund. It has been nearly eight (8) months waiting on these unethical people to refund me my money.

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