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Skip's Auto Parts & Machine

Country United States
State California
City Seaside
Address 1490 Del Monte Blvd Ste A
Phone (831) 275-3452

Skip's Auto Parts & Machine Reviews

  • Apr 30, 2018

Mark and Skip Shaffer did willfully conspire to defraud me of $150000 in payments to d**k Cullen, and an additional sum of $100000 in repairs to building while conspiring with Sasaki Brothers Auto Repair et al to takeover my location with no remuneration to me. As such costing me approximately $1,000,000 in damages over the course of the promised 10 year lease. Besides the $100,000 in defective parts labor that Mark Shaffer as Manager of Skips Auto Parts refused to reimburse me for. Lying con artists. BEWARE. Low quality parts, no warranty. Good Christians my a**!

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