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Country Canada
City TORONTO, Ontario
Address 5998 BATHURST ST
Phone 855-549-2157

SkinOpulent Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2017

This company offers a trial for $4.95 for 14 days then tells you the trial begins the minute you sign up not when even shipped when I called only 11 days in I was told it was one day past my trial and I would be charged 200.00 for a trial bottle. When I asked to speak to a manager a very rude man answered and began yelling at me. He informed me that if the didn't let the woman who had been in a car accident where she was hospitalized for 3 weeks out of paying full price for her trial, what made me think they cared even a little about taking care of my problems. We aren't in business to worry about the customer I was told.

  • Jul 6, 2017

I received an offer for Skin Opulence and Eye Opulance for a free trial, paying only shipping and handling. Upon receipt of these two products I contacted the Opulence Co. to cancel my account. I was told I could not cancel my account as 14 days had lapsed and I would be responsible for payment of the second shipment that had yet to forwarded to me. I did not receive the first shipment of the products until 16 days after the date of my original order making cancelation within the 14 day period impossible. At this point, I knew I had been burned by an unscrupulous party and decided to chalk the loss up to a costly lesson learned and would pay for the second shipment. I then cancelled my account via email to the Opulence Co. and received an email from the Opulence Co. verifying the cancellation. The following month, after I had cancelled my account, I received another (third) shipment containing only the Eye Opulence product and $91.90 was billed to my credit card. I sent an email to the Opulence Co. at the same address from which I had received the verification of cancellation. Opulence responded to my email asking me to call customer service at a number they provided. I called customer service and requested a credit of the $91.90 charged to my Visa for the third shipment and an address to which I should return the product.

I was informed that they would not credit the $91.90 because I "had not cancelled both products." I explained that I cancelled my account after receipt of the second shipment and prior to the third shipment and had an email confirming same. I was then informed that I "had only cancelled one product" (Skin Opulence) and therefor I was "responsible for payment" of the other product received (Eye Opulence). I have no idea how they decided which product I had cancelled vs which product I had not cancelled since what I cancelled was "my account" in its entirety. At no time in my ordering of the products was I informed that these products were considered as two separate accounts. The products were offered together. The products were shipped together in one box. The products are from the same company, at the same physical address and have identical packaging. The products were billed together. There is no reason whatsoever that any consumer should have or could have been aware that these products are considered by the Opulence company to be separate accounts or that the consumer would have to clarify that they desired to cancel both products or accounts as they were offered together as one free trial offer. They were ordered at the same time. They were shipped together in the same box from the same address. They were billed together. At no point in my cancellation was there any inquiry by Opulance whether I was cancelling one or both products. I cancelled my account which contained both products.

I requested to speak to a manager on the customer service line I had been provided. The agent I was speaking to told me that "there was no one with any authority higher than anyone else at the call center and no one would be able to assist me with my request for a refund." I insisted that I speak to a manager. After an inordinate amount of time on hold a different customer service representative answered and offered to me two free bottles of product but refused to provide a credit to my Visa as I had not cancelled both products and "the way their system was set up that must be done." Again, at no time was there ever a question as to whether I was cancelling one or both products only the fact that I was cancelling my "order" and an email confirmation that my "account" was cancelled. I explained to the second customer service representative that I am an attorney practicing in the area of consumer affairs and I requested a corporate address to which I could forward correspondence and documentation of the confirmation of cancellation. The customer service representative said "he needed to disconnect and handle other calls." I then called customer service back and again requested an address. I was told by the third customer service representative that they do not provide corporate addresses and the only address they would provide was that of the return address on my shipping label which is the order fulfillment center in CA, not the address of the corporation in Ontario, Canada. I will proceed with legal action to recover my loss.

  • Jun 19, 2017

I ordered a trial size of eyeopulent and completeskin I called the phone number to canceal, said that my automatated shipping is cancelled. The next month I received a shipment I called again I was not given a confirmation number. Finally got Customer service the lady said without a confirmation number I could not prove I had canceled the order. She I could not send the PRODUCT back for a refund. So I am out over $500's. This is a text book scam. I am truly sorry I was not smart enough to check reviews before ordering a sample. Ponds could cream works better than this product anyway. Costly lesson learned.

  • May 18, 2017

I responded to an online ad for a free trial of a skin care product, for which i would only have to pay shipping and handling. I looked throughout the entire web page to see if there was a catch, because I know that these kinds of offers usually have some kind of catch. I could not find any small print or "Terms" anywhere. I decided it was a safe purchase so I bought it.

Two weeks later I discovered a charge on my credit card for $89.95 twice. When the product was shipped to me it also inclued an eye cream as well, which i do not recall ordering. There was no receipt, or any mention that I had signed up for an autoship. When i called the company to dispute the claim, they told me it was my fault for not reading the terms. I went back to the offer page, and honestly, the terms are located all the way at the bottom of this web page, that scrolls forever before you get there. I highly doubt that anyone will scroll that far down the page.

I told them that I would never have bought this product if I'd known it would be this expensive. They agreed to give me a 30% refund. So I'm still out $130 for a product that is awful. After two weeks, my skin has a red, bumpy rash. Unfortunately, by the time you read this, you are probably a victim as well. This company needs to be shut down.

  • May 15, 2017

I ordered on the internet Two trial products sent to me for $4.95 shipping costs and charged to credit card. Products arrived. Two week passed and on checking my bank statements credit card I discovered I was charged $89.95 for each product. I called the company to complain and was told I did not cancel an automatic product renewal within a two week time period. I was never instructed to do so, nor did I set up an automatic renewal.I was never instructed to do so. The company did agreed to refund $30 to my credit card for each product and pocketed the rest, so I am out $120 total.

This company is a scam and should be put out of business immediately. It is a RIP OFF for sure and taking advantages of customers. I am assuming this is illegal activity!

  • May 6, 2017

The company sent me my trial offer, which I paid $4.95 plus shipping and handling. I then cancelled the order and they continued to charge me. The last charge was $94.90. I did not agree to that and want my money refunded. I explained to them that I just had a stroke and cannot afford such outrageous prices yet they continue to charge me for a product I haven't even received. I wish to be reimbursed to my credit card.

  • May 6, 2017

I ordered a sample product in March 13, 2017. It cost me $10.90. No problem. I got it, used some of it and wasn't impressed so forgot about it. At the end of March, I got my bank statement. When I opened it, I about had a heart attack. This company, SkinOpulent, had taken $267.80 out of my account and I hadn't ordered anything! I called the company immediately, talked with 3 different women who absolutely refused to refund my money, even though I hadn't ordered anything! According to them, when you check out of the website, you check a box with a page that is about 17 pages long that in there supposedly says if you don't cancel in two weeks, they are going too charge you 10+ times more than you paid for their sample crap and do this every two weeks! I hung up with these people because I was getting nowhere with them but before I got to my bank 15 minutes later, they had charged me another $94.90!! Total for one sample? $362.70!!

  • May 5, 2017

I purchased eye & skin opuent on a trial basis supposedly for $4.95 was sent the product & immediately charged $98.99-at that time I was able to call & cancel both products but now I'm being carged a monthly fee of $98.99 for the eye product even though I NEVER RECEIVED THE PRODUCT I'M BEING charged for. I have been charged overdraft fees from my bank and this is wrong & the products Don't work!!

  • May 1, 2017

I ordered a free trial from SkinOpulent-EyeOpulent for a shipping charge only.

On March 28, 2017 I received a full order that was charged to my credit card in the amount of $91.90. I contacted the Company and cancelled any more orders.

On April 29, 2017 I received a Full Order from EyeOplulent in the amount of $91.90 again. I contacted EyeOpulent and Customer Support told me that SkinOpulent-EyeOplulent And just EyeOpulent are two (2) different Companies and I only cancelled the SkinOpulent-EyeOpulent and NOT (just) EyeOpulent and my credit card was charged another $91.90.

This time I demanded that they cancell ANY and ALL of any subscriptions ever. I was able to receive a $45 credit when I told the Customer Service Agent I was contacting the Better Business Bureua.

I do not know how many people have been scammed by ordering 1 product and subscribing to 2 different Companies to be scammed out of another $91.90.

I also want to note that the address is exactly the same for both products:

11037 Warner Avenue Suite 345, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

I am contacting the Better Business Bureau.

  • Apr 21, 2017

I saw an ad on tv for a free anti-aging cream and you only had to pay for shipping and handling. I know how some company's may charge you later for the product, so i looked through everything before i ordered it. There was nothing saying you were required to pay anything more. I ordered the product, still looking for the gotcha moment, still nothing. The last thing was the 'terms and conditions' acceptance. I did scan it and it was long, like usual, but i did not see any additional payment. So i selected it. Never received any email acknowledgement, but the thing i found unconcerning was that the product arrived without any paperwork, nothing. So even if you wanted to return it, there was no information provided. Once the $89.00 showed up on my charge card, i started researching what the story was on this product and found the information on outscam, where i normally check, but didn't this time.

  • Apr 20, 2017

This company offered a FREE 14 day trial supply of their product for which I only had to pay $4.95 S&H. There was absolutely no other information in their offer pertaining to future shipments or anything else being part of this offer. No fine print to overlook. Nothing other than the free trial. And then they charged my card $89.95 without my knowledge.

They are simply thieves who ought to be shut down and put in jail. They offer a free trial sample and then charge you $89.95 for it. They might call themselves a company but, they're just a den of thieves.

  • Apr 18, 2017

On 11/22/16 my wife orderd a free sample of eye opulent and skin opulent. we were to to be charged shipping of $5.95 and $4.95. When we recieved the shipment she tried it and found it not to her satifaction. I called the number and was told we had gone over the 14 day free trial. I discovered other charges to our credit card of over $400 and there was supposed to be a 2nd shipment which we never received. I called and cancelled and was told that there were the rules on the website that said if you do not cancel within the 14 days they would send a second shipment and we obligated to pay. My wife never saw the document and when I tried to go on line to look at it I could not find it. I we began recieveing phone calls, with local numbers, wanting to send us a fee sample.

Credit card was able to remove the charges while they investigated but the charages have come back on because the company claims that we did not follow the 14 day return.

I have and will again file with the attny general of the State of Washington.

  • Apr 18, 2017

Oh lordy, one must be suspicious when dealing with offers like eyeopulent's:"free trial offer". of course, folks who've been snookered before know that as soon as one provides a charge account number, you're in for the worst. apparently, somewhere in very, very, very fine and illusive print, one is told when she subscribes to the free offer, she has authorized auto shipments and that at the same time she can only cancel the order by telephone(and incidentally, the phone number provided to me was no longer in operation). such a thing as writing to them, as did i in dec '16, or disuputing via one's credit card co as did we with visa's assistance in 1/17, will not/did not effectively cancel my auto shipments.

when finally, visa concluded it was not fraudulent, since i'd given them my #, i managed with the help of visa to get a working phone number. that's when the spiel began: i've never dealt with customer service like eyeopulent's. i finally told the poor woman that she was not entitled to make an intelligent judgment call because i believed her job was in jeopardy. she'd been so schooled in repeating the same 50% offer for the last 2 orders(there'd been 7 shipments), and seemed like she'd been brainwashed as far as the dialogue was concerned.

i wanted a label so i could send all of the unopened product back for a refund, but that was not an option. i could either continue to receive the product at a 35% discount or get a 50% refund on the last two shipments; and she kept insistently repeating: "was i ready to authorize that?" finally, she hung up on me without providing the cancellation numbers, and to date, i've yet to receive the email confirmation she'd assured me would come. never, never, never again will i ever sign up for anything online that requires use of my credit card. in fact, it became so out-of-control that we had to close the old account due to concerns about continued charges despite their having accepted our cancellation. needless to say, i did not accept the whimpy refund offer since i'd have had to give them my new credit card number. what's the saying: "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me."

furthermore, the product stinks!

  • Apr 11, 2017

"Free" sample of product offered as reward for completing survey from another company. Paid approx. $4.95 for shipping/handling only (so they said). Several weeks later charge of $89.95 appeared on my credit card statement. Calling toll free number disclosed that I did not cancel the "trial membership" within 14 days, triggering automatic shipments. Customer service rep said that I could not get my money back. Ripoff!!!! Where is the FTC when you need them?

  • Apr 6, 2017

I signed up for a free online trial of Skin Opulent advanced eye serum and Skin Opulent skin cream. Nowhere, was there any statement on the web page, that the trial would become an automatic monthly product shipment and charge to your credit card. A credit card was required for product trial shipment only. I received the samples and did not find any benefits as claimed. A month later I received both products shipped to me again. This time, my credit card was charged for both products. Each product was $94.00 I called the company and told the customer service person that I did not order the product and want to ship the product back.

The reply I got, was that they would give me 50% off of the price, for being a first time customer. I repeated that the product did not work for me and that I wanted to return it. The customer service then said that they would give me a one time 75% discount, if I kept the product. I asked the customer service person why would I want a further discount on a product I don't want to use. Her reply was that I may want to use it in the future. Seriously?! If it didn't work in the first place, and I don't want it, why would I keep it for future use?! Clearly she was reading mindlessly off of a computer screen. I insisted that I do not want the product, period!

The customer service then told me to be aware that I would be charged a restocking fee for each individual product at $9 an item plus pay for the return shipping. I have never heard of such a scam nor dealt with a customer service person, that kept trying to sell me the product at a lesser % discount each time. So just because I fell for a free trial only, I now have to pay $18 for restocking, plus shipment back, for a product that doesn't work in the first place. This is a dishonest business not interested in having their product returned. They would rather give you 50%, then 75% discount to keep the product and let them keep their profits. If they are this unethical, why would you trust the product itself?!

  • Apr 4, 2017

I responded to an online ad for skin cream. The ad stated that a trial sample would be sent free with the consumer paying only 4.95 for shipping and handling. As a woman in her 50's, I am always looking for good skin cream and this one looked promising as it stated it works on people with sensitive skin which I have. After the product arrived, I started using it and it wasn't too long that I started noticing small red bumps on my face. I saved the original packaging slip so I could respond one way or another if I wanted to reorder in the future. The only thing that was on the packaging slip was an email which I promptly responded to and told them I could not use their product and the reason why. I thought they might want to know that their product did not work on people with sensitive skin like me.

I never heard back from the email I sent so I thought no more of it until I received another shipment in the mail a few weeks later. I looked on my credit card statement and noticed all these charges for this product. It seems they did charge me for the original trial size item and the one that was sent to me in the mail a few weeks later. I tried to call the number listed on my charge card statement and got a recording that my call couldn't be completed at the time and I would have to try back later. Well, I tried back later and got the same message; in fact, each time I tried to call back later I got the same message. I want these charges removed and I want them to stop. If I can't get ahold of anyone, who knows how many hundreds of dollars will be stolen from me before it us over.

  • Mar 31, 2017

Requested free trial offer for one item. Assumed it would be sample size. Agreed to pay shipping. Read terms through my mobile device and did NOT see anything about this being a full size product with a 14-day trial period. Made sure not to check any other boxes asking about adding other products. Email received shows 1 order and just gives my name and a phone number. No other information given. Received TWO items in box 2 days ago. One the original order, second an eye cream. Didn't even think anything about it as I was heading out of town. Nothing else in box. Today I was charged FULL PRICE for BOTH items. Called to find out why and was informed of 14-day trial. Agent claimed I ordered both products. Refused to believe me when I said I did not and only got 1 email. Offered to send back unopened items as I just received them and was told no. Then I asked for them to remove charges as I was not informed of 14-day trial and have not tried product. Was refused. Even a supervisor was unhelpful and said "you ordered meaning you must have seen terms". When I said I did not she asked me a liar. Asked why nothing in email mentions the 14 days and why no card is put in box mentioning the 14 days and was told "you should know". When I said I was going to dispute with my card as an unauthorized charge she said "they'll just tell you you're wrong". She offered me $35 off but would not reverse the charges. Basically they hide the 14-day "trial period" and make it difficult to cancel. It's a complete bait & switch.

  • Mar 27, 2017

After agreeing to one time trial offer for $4.95 my credit card was charged full price of over 80 dollars unautherized

  • Mar 16, 2017

I came across an ad for a free trial on Facebook that was being endorced by Joy Behar. I looked at the ad carefully to make sure there was no hidden terms as far as auto ship or anything that I would have no control over if and when I wanted more or the product. Is was for Eye Opulent and Skin Opulent. There was no fine print and no mention of autoship. I received the products about a week later. I immediately opened the box to make sure there was no mention of cancelling autoship or automatic renewal. There was not. There was a phone number with a message to call if I ever needed any more of the product. Less than a week later there were 2 charges on my debit card. One for $89, the other for $85 and some change.

I called the phone number on my bank statement and was given the option to cancel which I did. I then called my bank and spoke with someone in the dispute office and told her what happened. She told me the charges were on my statement but wouldn't actually be charged out until the next day. She locked my debit card and applied for a new one because she said they would keep charging it every month. She said she would stop those charges. Well time went by, the charges remained on my bank statement and was deducted from my checking account. I again called the bank, and they told me they investigated and was informed that this company told them that is was clearly printed on the ad that the shipment would continue until it was cancelled.

There was absolutely nothing on that web site about automatic shipments if you didn't cancel in a certain amount of time. The charges came out of my account less than a week after receiving the product, and my bank absolutely will not believe me and refund my money so I am out of almost $200 without any recourse. Since this happened I have researched this company and found this exact same thing has happened to many others. The bank says I can get a lawyer and go after the company, but come on. I will spend more money than the $200 I've already flushed down the toilet to get it back. I think this is a criminal act, fraud. And apparently they keep getting away with it because so many people are reporting the exact same thing has happened to them. And guess what? Joy Behar has nothing to do with this product. They are illegally using her name to sell this product.

  • Mar 14, 2017

Order 'free' samples. Gave credit card for s&h. There was NO mention of any charges to come later. It was advertised as a free sample while supplies last. Was charged for product and called and cancelled account using the automated system. Was charged again a month later and called and talked with customer service, 3 times. All 3 times agents were very rude and talked when I was talking. Said they could not refund. 'no one in the company can' they said when I asked to be transferred to the person who could. Total ripoff!

  • Mar 9, 2017

On March 6, 2017 I received a notice from my bank that an unsual charge was made to my account for $85.95 and that there was another charge for $89.95 pending from Eye Opulent and Skin Opulent. I remembered that I had ordered a sample for eye and skin care and only had to pay shipping, however; to my surpise, this was a trial and accoriding to them I had signed for it giving them permission to charge, which I never did not did I agree to that. After further speaking to them at 5:30 am on a Monday morning was unreal. They said they could not refund my money and could only give me 35% which I did not agree to, and she,Tenisha, also said she could cancel the other pending charge of $89.95 and would refund me 35%.

Being that it was so early and I was still in bed, I hung up and called them back once I got to the office and I looked online and found tht they had been scamming others just like me. I called back and spoe to a supervisor and she said that she could not retun the full amount and agreed to give me 50% instead of 35% and also assured me that all the other pending changes would not be posted and would be cancelled so I agreed.

Well, to my surprise it is now March 8, 2017 and guess what? Yes, they charged the $89.95 after being told several times by different people that all was cancelled. Here we go again, I called again and of course the number 855-549-2158 that I called had an aout message saying that my accounts were closed and that a refund had been issued- Good Bye! What??? or better yet- WFT?? so I remembered that they had sent an e-mail from customer service with a different number and so I called. Oh! by the way that number is 855-549-2157 you will speak to a live person.

The lady on the phone said that yes, the account was closed and she woudl check with her supervisor. She put me on hold and came back with " Yes, it was accidentally charged by an agent" We will be issuing a full refund of $89.95, should see in about 10 days" OMG! by now I am shaking mad &^%$#@.

Seriously! they are nothing but a rip off company, do not for the life of you, give the your credit card info, for that matter do not order from this scam artist. They have a way of charging your card first and saying that it was a mistake please wait for your funds.

Do not make the mistake of ordering anything on line. I am banning myself from these types of on line companies.

I will wait and see how true this is since they have failed at keeping their word. Just in case, I have a claim pending with my bank as they were on the phone at the same time I was talking to the scam artist so he heard our conversation and said if they did not keep their promise of a refund to call back and they would help out.

So buyer be ware DO NOT BUY FROM EYE OPULENT OR SKIN OPULENT - you will regret it as I am!!

  • Mar 7, 2017

Ordered on line; cancelled the order; received more product; advised them that I had cancelled the order and they advise me that they only cancelled part of the order and would not refund my money.

  • Feb 28, 2017

Dec. 2016 Free trial all you pay is the shipping and handling less than $5.00. To pay this S/H input my debit card and waited for items. Shipment arrived, I tried the 3 items, but did. OT like the sticky feeling. I found the customer service and emailed that I was not happy and thank you. Asked if they wished for the items to be returned, gave my phone and email address. No replies. JAn

  • Feb 27, 2017

I recently purchased a trial offer for both the skin opulent and eye opulent products which cost me about $10. My orders were placed at 9:35pm EST on February 11th 2017. I have used the products as instructed but no results that would make me want to continue with the product. I called this evening at 7:03pm to cancel. I get an automated message to remove automated shipments, which I say yes too, and then asked if I want to speak to customer service which I say yes to as well. As I am on hold I take a look at my bank account and I have to pending charges totaling over $170 from this company. Now I am pissed ! My "14 day trial" would be up on February 25th at 9:35pm and they have already charged me!! When I finally get a hold of a customer service representative and explain how I was charged already when it says I have a 14 day trial. She was rude and tried to tell me my trial was up yesterday and I agreed to the terms which are binding. I asked her if she didn't know how to count, and said there is 24 in a day and that 14 days from the 11th would be the 25th. I told her I would then be contacting my bank to deny these fraudulent charges. The rude representative responds that it was contractually binding and they would come after me for payment. I said I am holding up to my end, I have 14 days per the contract and your telling me I have 13 days and 21 1/2 hours to cancel. She continued to talk over me and kept repeating herself and finally tried to push me off the phone and wouldn't let me speak to a supervisor. In short this company is unprofessional and so is its customer service. I will be damned if they take one more penny from me because they can't uphold to a true 14 days per their agreement. I have reached out to my bank to have these charges reversed.

  • Feb 25, 2017

I saw an advertisement for a "free trial" of Skin Opulent and Eye Opulent and decided to give it a try. Unfortunately it wasn't a free trial as much as it was a delay billing. I paid shipping for each product, and received them shortly thereafter. Less thank 2 weeks later?'c my credit card was charged for $89.95 and $85.95. I called thinking they were sending me "my first shipment" as I know some companies will automatically sign you up for an auto shipment. The customer service rep told me this was NOT the case, and in fact the "free trial" was use the product for 14 days, then they bill for the product that was sent. I was told this was somewhere in the "terms and conditions" I agreed to. It may have been, but it certainly wasn't in any way shape or form evident on their website. They also billed my card 14 days after I signed up, rather than 14 days after I received the product. When I called, the rep had a very "oh well, you agreed" attitude...

  • Feb 25, 2017

I ordered two samples of facial products and was sent two original products which was a very high price. No sample was sent and was charged on my credit card.

  • Feb 21, 2017

Purchased trial offer for skin and eye opulent. Total for shipping was $11.89. Company website did not disclose in plain sight I was agreeing to a reoccurring monthly program for $85.95 and $89.95. When I called to dispute charges they agreed to cancel the "subscription" and offered me only 50℅ of each charge. Filed complaint with BBB and disputing charges further with credit card company for not fully disclosing terms in plain sight.

  • Feb 21, 2017

I ordered products from Skin/Eye Opulent that was the price of $4.95 and 5.95 for a skin opulent and eye opulent. I placed that order on february 1st and on the 15th of february i received additional charges of $85.95 and $89.95 charged to my credit card without my consent and without previous notice that those charges would be made. I did not order anything else from the website and they did not tell me that they would auto renew anything!! There was no notice of anything on the website. And since they charged me again i have not received any products in the mail either.

  • Feb 20, 2017

Ordered the 'free' trial at a cost of $4.95 for shipping/handling. After just 3 days of use the product caused red blotches on my face and neck. Although the prouduct was shipped from Fountain Valley, Calaifornia, when I called to cancel and get return info I was given an address in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and told I am responsible for the return postage (which is double the cost of what I paid to receive it because it must be returned to Canada!).

I enclosed a letter with my return advising of the date that I called to cancel and stated that any further charges to my credit card will result in me filing a formal complaint with the Attorney General of California for fraudulent actions on their part.

Note: An extensive internet search turned up nothing but links for the purchase of the so-called 'free' trial and I was unable to determine the actual name or location of the company. The return address is a post office box with a street address of a postal facility similar to Mail Boxe Etc.

Note: In addition to this so-called 'free' trial costing $4.95 for shipping/handling, if you do not cancel within the prescribed time and return the unused portion of product, you are charged around $40 (so it is not free) and you will receive automatic shipments for which you will be charged.

  • Feb 16, 2017

First of all I do not even remember ordering this eye cream. I didn't even notice the charges at first for 5.95, 4.95 and two .99 cent charges. When one came through for 89.95 I caught it and called my bank and they canceled my card. That was just the day before yesterday. Today I went online and see another charge for 89.95. This time I called that company. They asked me if I wanted a 35% refund and I said no. I have bills that come out automatically and need all of it back. She said I was signed up for a two week trial and if I didn't read the fine print as I call it I would be billed 89.95 I said I looked all through my email and didn't find any email from when I placed an order. This is so crazy. I ended up hanging up on her. I'll call my bank to see what they can do. I looked them up online by their phone # and name and I see I'm not the only one this has happened to. I just don't know why that money came out of my account again after my bank canceled my visa debit card. That company sucks. Not helpful at all. Don't bother talking to them because you'll get nowhere.

  • Feb 11, 2017

Like others, I ordered the trial size products and did NOT authorize the automatic enroll. I am a single mother who cannot afford to be ripped off by a bogus company!

  • Feb 11, 2017

I ordered their free trial and was informed I only had to pay for shipping and handling. I never saw that it was for a trial period or that I was enrolled in auto ship. I saw today that 2 fees were taken out of my checking account for 2different products. I saw that there was a phone number with the transaction so I called them to cancel. I told them that I was not aware that this was a 14day trial and that I would be charged the full amount if I did not cancel within the 14 days. Ialso did not know or see anywhere on their website that I was being enrolled in an automatic shipment.

I told them that I wanted a refund and they said I could get a discount on the products. I said I did not want a discount I wanted my money back. They told me that they could not do that as I agreed to the terms and I told them I never saw anything about terms. I finally got them to at least give me a partial refund of 35% Wich is better than nothing. I also made sure that they cancelled my account with them. I learned my lesson the hard way never sign up for a fretrial because it is never free and you usually end up paying way more than the product is worth. My advise is to stay clear of any free trial offers unless you read everything over and clearly understand what you are agreeing to.

  • Feb 10, 2017

While using Facebook I came across an ad about Skin Opulent. It said that the product was seen on Shark Tank and was endorsed by Lori. I was very excited to try the product and was willing to give it a shot. After receiving the product I could tell that it was not what it claimed to be. I tried it once and it was awful. On January 24th I was charged $85.95 and $89.95. I called the company to have these charges refunded and at first they refused! They then went on to offer 50% refund, then a 75% refund, and then agreed to a 100% refund. This company is a SCAM! I feel very foolish for not doing my research on this company! Fake advertising!!!

  • Feb 4, 2017

I ordered trial on-line. After receiving first order, I called to cancel. There were two numbers for two items. I called both number, which indicated my subscription was cancelled. They continued to send product. I called and they said I did not call both numbers. After extensive complaining and threatening to report, they offered me a 35% refund, which I refused. Then they offered 50%, which I refused. Then they offered 75% and I accepted. This company is scamming customers and should be investigated.

  • Feb 2, 2017

Got an offer in my email to take a survey and get a prize. Survey was offered through I took the survey. After the survey I got the option to choose my prize. It was some trials for various skin care products. I selected the skin cream which ended up being Skin Opulent. This was not free but was offered with a low shipping and handling charge which I was ok with. Upon checkout they also offered me Eye Opulent Eye Serum which also included an additional shipping and handling fee. I was ok with that as well so I ordered both trials.

I received the products. About 3 weeks later I see that I got charged $85 and $89.95 for a subscription service.

I looked to see what it was and it was the same company that charged me for the shipping and handling.

Upon calling the credit card company they told me that this is very common and they see this with many customers.

They said that when I ordered the trials I was automatically enrolled in a subscription agreement with the company for further products. After informing them that I did not see this written anywhere on their website when I placed the order I was informed that they usually put it somewhere on the bottom on the credit card page. I went back to the site where I ordered from and put in some random information to get to the credit card information page and sure enough I couldn't see it, just as I suspected.

After looking over the page carefully I noticed that they had a link to their terms and conditions listed at the bottom of the page. I clicked on it and that is where they had the information about the subscription auto enrollment.

This is deceptive and if not illegal should be illegal. I was not give the chance to openly agree to this. They just assume that if the carefully hide it in their site then it's the same as someone conscientiously agreeing to it. This is not an ok practice.

These people are crooks and should not be bought from.

  • Jan 23, 2017

While reading news on my phone on 11/2/2016, facial /eye cream ad popped out saying I was eligible for a free trial products, all I need to do is to pay shipping fee only. The shipping fee was charged on 11/2 /2016 , I got the free products around 11/5/16. On 11/17/16 I was charged the full amount of products , I didn't know about theses charges until I checked my paper credit card statement from Citi bank around 12/20/16. my billing cycle is from 11/12 to 12/13/2016, so I got the statement around 20th of each month. On 12/22/16, I received the facial/eye cream products again , so I called the company , since I didn't order them. The company told me because I did not cancel within two weeks , so I am on monthly auto shipping program. To be honest , I totally didn't know about this program when I sign up the free trial products. So I asked them to cancel my monthly shippment , and got the cancellation numbers in 12/22/2016.

To my surprise , when I receive my statement last Friday 1/20/207, I was charged full amount again on December 17 .2016, So I call my Credit company citi bank , also found out that I been charged again on 1/15/17. So I disputed 12/16/16 and 1/15/17 charges. I received one facial product again on 1/20/17. I called the company, was told I didnt cancel on 12/22/16, the cancellation number I provided was not valid. I cannot return it either , they will send it back anyway. This skin/eye opulent company tries to rip off innocent customer like me. They use different phone number on their ad cards. First free shipping was from New York, others were from CA. Besides skin/eye opulent 2 products, I also got Nuvajen gold anti aging serum and Bella Essence eye cream 2 items, from same shopping address , I think they are the same company , even thou they have different phone number 866 886 3346 , 866 957 5796 and email address , [email protected] and [email protected]

  • Jan 23, 2017

Ordered a sample of products for Shpg Only . After,Was put on Monthly Auto Renew at Approx $100.00/mo. Called to send back , pkg which was not opened and in tact with their labels n seals. Was told they would not refund all, only 30%. I did not agree to auto renew. My Cr Card Co called with me on conference call for dispute Assist and could not believe how unprofessional and rude this Co Rep was. My Cr . Company has now taken over disputed charge and put stop on all future charges as they would not provide a cancellation number to me and threatened to ruin my Cr score. Do Not Use this Company. There is no disclosure or terms on web page that states you must cancel or be put on auto ship for this product, [email protected] $100.00/ mo. Save yourself the Grief.

  • Jan 21, 2017

I ordered two products - EyeOpulent Advanced Eye Serum and Skin Opulent Advanced Anti-aging cream. It was advertised on my facebook page, and recommended by the Shark Tank Show. I decided to try the trial and I do not remember seeing anywhere on the advertisement I needed to cancel in 14 days or I would be charged. Neither, do I recall seeing I would be continue to receive the product. Today, my free trial shows up on my debit card and its $78 per product. I have not even opened either package as I was gone for a week and today I called and was told I could not return it (even though I had not opened it) and there would be no refund. However, they would make sure I didn't continue to receive a monthly supply. I am a careful reader and I believe if this was advertised, it was not advertised well.

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