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SkinnyMe Chocolate

Country United States
State Georgia
City Austell
Address C7800 The Bluffs Suite C
Phone 1.855.354.6917

SkinnyMe Chocolate Reviews

  • Oct 30, 2018

First, they subscribe you to their delivery service with making it clear that's what they're doing. So I call them using the phone number that is all over their website. It isn't their number! It goes to a cable company. So I email them asking them to cancel. They email me back saying that cancelations can only be done over the phone. How can I do that when they won't give me a phone number that actually gets to them? The only way I can prevent getting another box is to change the "next shipment" date. I don't really want to do that for the rest of my life because they won't cancel the subscription!

  • May 21, 2018

Rip Off??

I ordered back in April and getting the same response how one item I ordered is back ordered and they will ship in a week. Already been charged over a month ago! Sent another email and got the same response and saying it will ship in a couple of days. I am going to call and cancel my order, demand a refund and also call my cc. company! Ugh

  • May 9, 2018

I ordered (online) over $100 of chocolate from this company on April 11. I was emailed a shipping notification that same day. And my credit card was also charged on that same day. After waiting over a week for my shipment and seeing no movement when I checked the tracking number they provided, I contacted them. This is when they started with the excuses - we are back ordered, we are moving, we are installing a new system, we are changing our packaging. So I asked when I could expect the order (remember, I already had a shipping "notification" and they already had my money). They said 2-3 weeks. So I waited.

On May 2, I received another shipping notification. The email subject line specifically said "Your Chocolates are on the way!!!" So I checked the tracking number they provided. Again, no movement. Nothing. So after 3 days with no movement per the tracking number (had not even been given to the shipper yet), I started trying to get through to them again.

Their customer service sent me canned messages (same exact wording as the first time I followed up - meaning this is an auto-responder). So after another two days, I went out to their Facebook page and posted a message. They responded asking me to post a private message with the specifics - which I did. Again, no response. However, I did get responses from other people who were having similar difficulties and were struggling with the company to get a refund.

So I posted a message to the company that I was going to report a disputed charge with my credit card company and contact the third party who had promoted their company to me to tell them of my experience and ask them to never promote this company to me again. And I indicated that if they had not shipped my order within 3 business days, I would report them to the Better Business Bureau and other online resources to warn others of their dishonest business practices.

They responded indicating that they could not guarantee when my order would be shipped (after a month and with two false shipping notices in my inbox). That their system updates had slowed down deliveries. And did I want to cancel my order. I said YES, I wanted to cancel my order and I wanted my money returned. They came back and said that they had just heard that they would be restocked "tomorrow" and asked if I still wanted to cancel my order. (Notice that earlier in that conversation the problem was a system upgrade, but then it became about restocking?)

I confirmed my desire to cancel my order - because by now I didn't believe anything they said - and indicated that I was placing a disputed charge with my bank on the money they had collected almost a month previously. They responded indicating that if I disputed the charge, they would be unable to process my refund and would have to refer it to another area of the business. I ignored them as this looked like more stalling tactics to me. So they responded that they had processed the refund and that I should see it in 3-7 days when my credit card company posted it. (My credit card company told me they post those transactions within 1-2 business days of receipt.)

Given all their previous false statements, I still don't believe them. And I am waiting to find out if they have actually refunded my money or not. But this was a full month of hassle - when SkinnyMe had my money, were sending me false shipment notices (twice!), were providing all kinds of excuses and using various stalling techniques to delay me taking action on this. And I am done.

I have documentation of all this - emails, screen shots of message threads on Facebook, etc. So I can back all of this up. The sad part is that this company does have a great product. It really is wonderful chocolate, but if you never get what you order, it is pointless. So if this report saves anyone else from the kind of hassle I went through, then it is worth the time to post it. Do not order from this company. Find someone else who provides a comparable product. Even if they are not out there right now, they will be. Because people like me want this kind of product, but we don't want to be ripped off in trying to buy it.

  • Nov 8, 2017

I ordered a "free" sample of chocolates but did not see in the very small print that if it was not cancelled in 15 daysI would be charged 39.95 for the order. OK,my fault. I called in Sept to cancel ALL subscriptions and thinking that this is a reputable company felt assured that it was taken care of. Oh NO this trash company has charged me FOUR times since telling me that ALL subscritions have been cancelled.

These guys are running a criminal scram do not buy anything from them. I will be reporting this to my financial instituion and my State Bearu of Consumer Affairs and blasting all over Social media till HELL freezes over.

  • Sep 5, 2017

The chocolate is ok and too sweet. But, the most frustrating thing is trying to cancel the subscription!! Calling 1-855-354-6917 and emailing to [email protected] hasn't worked and the company continues to send the shipment. I will be contacting the BBB with complaint and will continue to email and call each month and begin returning the product until I hope I never see another Skinny Me Chocolate again!

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