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Skinny Wimp Moving Co.

Country United States
State California
City Simi Valley
Address 2296 Agate Ct,
Phone 678-631-9625

Skinny Wimp Moving Co. Reviews

  • Oct 23, 2017

I will NEVER use this company EVER again!! This is a new owner of this franchise. The new owners were not prepared for my move and i needed to hire OTHER movers to fix their mistake. When i first had my estiate it was witht the previous owners, who I hve used before. Obviously, I liked them he first time so there nwas no question about using them again. When I had them come out and give me an estimate, it was done by the previous owners and we went room by room and he was taking pictures and putting the information in his cell phone. When I tried calling to find out how to put down a deposit, nobody called me back..... That should of been my first clue. I somehow got the phone number for corporate, who got me in touch with the new owners and told me thqat I nwas in goo hands. If this was good hands I would hate to see what a bad hand is. The new owners, Dee, NEVER came out to see what needed to be moved so when then came to my house they were not prepared and not made aware of severalthings that needed to be moved. When they were able to move me into my new house , things were thrown ontop of other boxes that I had marked FRAGILE. They never put together my kids beds, put boxes in te wrong rooms, did not put together my dining room table and I still cannot locate the screws for thta not can I find the slats for my kids beds, said they had to get special movers here to put together my piano, which was not put together correctly... it could of fallen on kids and broke the pedals so it cannot play now,..

When I called them the next day to seeif they were availabe to help me my things together, I NEVER got a phone call back!!The only time I did get a response was when corporate got involved and that is when she ,DEE, told me they could credit me 150 dollars.... which is what I paid for their lunch ..I then postted on their FACEBOOK page and I was told it was MY FAULT!!To top off this HORRIBLE experience, when my 6 year old daughter came home nat 8 o'clock at night, the movers cursed at eachother and said" OH GREAT NOW THER'S F-----G KIDS HERE" That was the icing on top of the cake. Oh they told me that they wanted bak their wardopbe boxes and blue moving blankets.... My move was 8/17/17 ...... I still have them , I guess those things aren't as important as they said it was.

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