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Skinny Me Chocolate

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 1.855.354.6917
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  • Jul 26, 2017

I also requested the "free trial for postage cost only" of $4.95, then later after telling them I was very dissatisfied with their product and didn't want any more, billed for $34.95. Then received another package of the inferior product which I did not open, marked "refused return to sender" and remailed the package, and charged once again for $39.94 for the returned product.

I have tried calling them with no results, e-mailed them numerous times with no reply, contacted the BBB but no reply from them and am now going to file a complaint to the Attorney General's Office in Arizona!

So they now owe me $74.89 for one returned and one not received box of their chocolates.

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Skinny Me Chocolate Reviews

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  • Aug 24, 2017

This company is advertising on facebook, you can try their sugar free candy made with stevia. 30 pieces and all you pay is the $4.95 for shipping. I ordered the candy and I was trying to contact them to let them know, I like the taste but I'M not a fan of Dark Chocolate and if they came out with Milk Chocolate to Please let me know. When I went back to their site, I finally found way down on the bottom, I think Terms etc. So, I taped on it. That is how I found a phone number and it said you can call 24/7 and I called. THE recording says TDS, tells you to push 1 if you're a customer, 2 if new, then private or business so I hung up. As I read further it says if I don't cancel in so many days $39 and change will be taken from my account. If I don't cancel then I'LL be a member with candy and all that money each month. None of this was on Facebook or their site when you went to order the Free Sample of their candy. Now I have to contact my card company especially if I don't want anything else to bounce from money I didn't know would be taken out and I don't know when they will pull this money from my account. Then I Google the name of the company and I see their name and reviews. Other people didn't know that more money would be taken till the money was actually taken and their accounts weren't balancing correctly. This is just wrong especially when you don't have all the facts, the truth, what a way to rip people off.

I hope you can help, like the other people, I don't want to ruin their name but I don't have that kind of money for something I don't like. If I knew the truth I would never of even thought about trying the candy. I would of gone to the next thing. I'M marking yes to the credit card, it's threw my bank, Master Card, debit/credit.

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  • Aug 27, 2017


The same thing happened to me. Buyer beware!!!

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  • Aug 21, 2017

This company has advertising all over Facebook, and on this ad that I saw it said FREE TRIAL just pay $4.95 S&H. I am a diabetic so I thought well I will give it a try. I did not see anywhere that it said after 7 days you will be charged full price. Like some of them it is usually 30days so I call before this time and I was hung up on. I then wrote a message that was on their website. I waited and waited no response. So I called again and had the same thing happen they hung up on me. By this time I was furious. So I wrote another message and told them that they had no authourization from me to purchase this item. Waited nothing.

I cheked my bank Statement today wihich is August/20/2017 and they took another $39.95 out of my account. I then called again and I talked with someone and they proceeded to tell me that I have never called. I explained that I did and was hung up on . She said I see no record of you calling I said well I don't think you would if the person hung up on me. I asked if she saw where I sent emails and she said that is a completely different department. So I asked if that is the case how does everyone know who has done what. I said I am stating today that no one has the authorization to charge for this product and I want the money back into my account. She said I can refund this time but the last one I cannot do, but I can give a 20% discount I said no that is not good enough I want 50% which she said Ok I will give you 30%, I said 50% and she said I only can give you 30%. So I said if you can give a discount why can't I get all my money back I will send the box back. No I can't take it back once it leaves here we can't have it sent back. Well I just read a report that said they can't refund the money back unless it was sent back but the customer had to pay S&H to return it. Right here shows that this company it trying to be deceptive.

I have seen other reports on this company after the fact and some have not gotten any results I am hoping I am not one. PLEASE anyone reading this and other reports watch out for the fine print. These company's are banking on people that don't see it. If you go on the website it is there and on some of the ones on Facebook it is there but some donot have it.

The sad part to this whole thing is that the chocolate is good. But the unethical way that they are trying to sell is totally wrong. Don't they believe that the product is good enough to sell the right way. On the website it has the Frequently asked Questions on of them is Can I purchase The product without a Subscription? Yes you can but if you are a chocolate lover and you want to try it FOR FREE than you need to do the subscription. HMMMM

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  • Jul 26, 2017

I also requested the "free trial for postage cost only" of $4.95, then later after telling them I was very dissatisfied with their product and didn't want any more, billed for $34.95. Then received another package of the inferior product which I did not open, marked "refused return to sender" and remailed the package, and charged once again for $39.94 for the returned product.

I have tried calling them with no results, e-mailed them numerous times with no reply, contacted the BBB but no reply from them and am now going to file a complaint to the Attorney General's Office in Arizona!

So they now owe me $74.89 for one returned and one not received box of their chocolates.

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  • Jul 6, 2017

The box of chocolate arrived, totally melted (June in Florida & they ship USPS) The chocolate was totally liquid.

When I called the customer service line, they gave me a partial refund, and asked if I wanted them to send a box in October! This is Florida, and they are coming from Georgia - October will still be hot.

I asked if they could ship them in appropriate packaging, and she said "We don't do that". Seriously!?!?! I can only get a shipment in January or February? Sounds like a great busuness model to me - advertize all year round, but only able to ship in the winter...

Seems like it would be time to change the packaging. I receive food and plants all the time, and do not have a problem, because they are packaged appropriately.

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  • Oct 8, 2017


I just received the chocolate but did not notice that I signed up for any other shipments. I called and was able to cancel. I like the chocolate but I now have enough for the next 6 months.

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  • Jul 4, 2017

I ordered a "free sample" with a shipping charge of $4.99. Then later a charge of over$34 was put on my account. I sent a message to them asking what the charge was for. The reply was that the "trial period" was over. There was nothing in the offer of the free chocolate of a "trial period". I sent another reply to this effect, but haven't heard anything back yet.

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  • Apr 20, 2017

FALSE ADVERTISING! This company has a ton of Facebook ads. You believe you are trying a box of chocolates for $4.95 shipping and handling ONLY. Their website has you go through 3 pages of info all teasing you to get their FREE TRIAL for only shipping for $4.95. You believe they are giving you a nice taste test. NOT!

I ordered it, thinking it was truely FREE... I know, stupid me! It turns out that there is small print, after you have gone through 4 pages of website when you go to pay, on the bottom right of the page that then says it is only for 7 days and that you will then be charged $34.95. That is SUPER EXPENSIVE for a box of chocolates! Granted it tastes good, but you PAY BIG also.

I emailed the company when I was surprised to get charged. They told me I had to call. Not only that, but I told them how much I had promoted them on my Facebook and personally emailed a ton of friends. No "thank-you" not an ounce of gratefulness. They just ignored my communication.

I got another charge, just 3 weeks later for $39.95. I didn't order this and had clearly stated I wanted to cancel. So I had to call. I got one very rude woman, granted I was pissed off when I called, but was not mean to her. I was very upset for being charged again and for how deceptive this whole SCAM is. They didn't even so much as acknowledge my communication AT ALL.

I ended up speaking to 3 people! You know what Natasha, the supervisor of this fulfillment company said to me, "It's your job as the consumer to read all print". Ah, yeah... that is their level of deling with things. Blame the consumer, after me walking her through the process of being sold and how one doesn't really know they are going to be charged and the trick of deceiving you so many times before you buy and it is not easy to "get it". Finally supposedly am getting refunded. But I have to pay to send back the original box now. To get refuned what I didn't even know I was being charged.

BEWARE: You will be charged when you think you are getting a "free box of chocolate". It is VERY DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING. If you return the product, they not only charge you the $4.95 for initial shipping, but you have to pay to send it back yourself.

Sad because the product tasted good. But their unethical way of getting it sold is just plain wrong. Should their product be good enough to play it stragiht?!

One more thing, I asked where I could write to the owners. I was told they have no address because they only email or skype the company. So I can't even really write to let them know the problems with their company. More decption to remain hidden, it seems to me.

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  • Aug 22, 2018

Same thing happened to me

I must have talked to the same rude person, she was horrible, I cancelled my, what I thought was a free trial, costing $4.95 within the week trial period, but I cancelled by email because I didn't know I had to call, couldn't find a phone #, was told it didn't count because I didn't call. Must be a bad company if they have to steal money from customers! I cancelled in time, they owe me $34.95

  • Jul 12, 2019

They posted an offer for free candy on Facebook. Only have to pay shipping of $4.95. I went to their offer and chose it. Then, another page popped up for reduced price truffles. Clicked them and decided to cancel them on the order page as to not pay for them. Went to the order page and there was NO WAY to eliminate anything!

I called to cancel my order as there was no way to stop order or delete any of the products I had 'chosen.' I was told it had already been posted, but they would cancel it for me and I could just reorder the 'free' candy offered (pay shipping only, $4.95), with which I was fine. That was on June 27th.

On July 3rd, two boxes from them arrived for me. One was for the original order and the second one was for the free bag of candy, as offered on FB. On July 5th, I emailed them to complain. Received an email in reply telling me I had to call them to handle it. I did and was assured that it would all be handled. I asked for a free return label and was told the did not accept returns! I asked what to do with the chocolate. Was told to do anything I wished! No charge to be made. I also instructed her to be sure that any and all additional orders would be cancelled immediately, that I did not ever want anything else from the. I was assured that cacellation would be immediate.

Now, Capiital One has called them and been told that I never cancelled anything and did not return the candy!!!!! LYING IS WRONG AND I AM NOT MISTAKEN! I am calling S.C. Consumer Protection first thing Monday morning and registering a serious complaint. Also seeking legal action against them.

  • Jun 28, 2018

Ordered a sample at $4.95 sample price. When we received we realized it contained milk. I am.Allergica and a vegan. My mother called and cancelled. They charged us full price on the item anyway. It was a sample and we.Told them.We didnt qant it

  • Jun 10, 2018

They advertised free sample of chocolates with a 4.95 delivery charge. Got the sample in hot weather, half of it was melted. Opened my checking account on line and see a 34.99 charge from them. It was to be free! want charge removed from my account.

  • May 14, 2018

I Placed an order for 3 products. It took a over a month to get, and the most expensive item had been replaced by a different product that I had no interest in. I called customer service, and the woman told me the product was on backorder, and she would put a note to send a new box as soon as they were available, and a tracking number would be emailed. A month went by with nothing. I called them back and again was told that they were on backorder, but the box would be sent as soon as they were available. Several weeks with no response. I emailed them and threatened to contact the better business bureau and post my review on social media if satisfactory compensation were not made. An email was sent saying the product was on backorder but my order would be sent within a week, and a confirmation email would be sent. A week later, nothing. I gave it a few days then contacted them again by email. The response was an email informing me that my package had been delivered months before.

  • Apr 18, 2018

I ordered a trial of Skinnyme chocolate, of course i didn't read the fine print either but luckily i went on my account online and saw that a few days after ordering the trial they were about to charge me like close to 35 dollars! I hadn't even recieved the trial box yet! So going back and forth with them on the phone they asked me to move the date of the billing of the chocolates. Another time i called telling them i still hadn't recieved the chocolates & the shipping hadn't moved since i ordered it i finally asked for a refund which they said they issued twice that i had talked to them.

Then i called 7 days later after seeing that i never received the refund (or the chocolates) the customer service representative tells me that not only do i not get a refund because it's NON-REFUNDABLE, but that THEY HAVE NO CHOCOLATES TO SEND ME & that the issue should be resolved in 3-4 weeks! Oh & also that all of the other chocolates flavors are on back order too (but i can't change the flavor or my chocolates anyway) So lesson learned here, will never buy online ever again will make sure to do all of my shopping AT the store. Yikes.

  • Apr 14, 2018

They took my money for my order. They have not shipped my order and claim they don't know when it will be shipped. Part of my order is on back order and has been since long before I placed my order. They dont know when or if they will get that part of my order again. They have offered me a refund through snail mail that will take (according to them) a minimum of 45 days to process. They have my money and my order and I have nothing.

  • Mar 14, 2018

I wanted to try a free trial but when I looked at amount they charged I called immediately ( within minutes of placing order) to cancel everything and not charge my card. They canceled my order but still took my money.

  • Feb 21, 2018

I tried to order the free trial, and of course got tricked. I was doing it on my phone, so when I went to check out, another screen popped up offering me some extra chocolate, and encouraging me to pick three flavors. I picked three, clicked okay, and the next screen was thanking me for my order of ALMOST $95!! I emailed [email protected] immediately, but they just gave me a phone number. I called either the next day or day after, and was told that my order had already shipped. When I explained that I had accidentally ordered too much, the lady was EXTREMELY condescending and basically told me that there's no way it was an accident, and went on about all the steps I must have gone through to order the rest. I got my box yesterday and have emailed again to ask for my return label. Even if they send it and refund me, they're still going to make me PAY SHIPPING to send this crap back. I'm pretty livid.

  • Oct 27, 2017

This company charges $4.95 at first, then $34.99/mo for a small box of gross chocolates (terrible aftertaste) 7 days later. They do not reply to emails and their website does not work where you can supposedly cancel. I tried several times over several weeks to login and reset password three times, still fails. This is intentional. The only way you can cancel is taking time off work to call during the week, but there’s no guarantee they will answer. Their whole marketing plan is to trick people into a free trial and make it difficult to cancel, banking on the fact that people may be too busy or forget within 7 days before they charge that $34.99. Their reviews everywhere are terrible. I’m posting my experience so people know it’s still terrible.

  • Oct 11, 2017

I odrered the free offer with the $4.95 shipping cost. When I recived the candy it really sucked and would never reordered this product but they charged my account $31.95 for a order I never placed.I called them and they tried to blame me well I've been in retail food for 40 years and I told them if my money wasn't back in my account by Monday still no refund. Do not buy from this company the chocolate sucks and so does there customer sefvice.

  • Oct 10, 2017

This company offers a "free sample" of their chocolate. 14 days later, they charge your card $35 for the 5 tiny squares of chocolate they sent.

This is a complete bait-and-switch scam where they pretend they are sending a free sample, but instead automatically begin charging your credit card for what they refer to as "full retail price".

Sorry, $40 for your horrible free sample? Disgusting and no thanks.

  • Oct 5, 2017

This category is not listed. This is a sugar free candy company offering free samples for 4.95 shipping. Then to top it off , they enroll you in a monthly shipment and give you only 7 dfays to cancel. The only wordings for the trial access say you will be enrolled after 7 days - and that you can cancel sunscription thereafter.

HOW CAN YOU CANCEL for something you aren't even part of yet!???? WHAT IS A FREE TRIAL ACCESS THEN????

I called them and the customer care center is unapologetic and say the same thing again and again. This is absolutely not fair. I see $34.99 charges on my account. They refuse to take it back and only offered a 15% reduction in the price.

I was going to buy on demand when I needed but now I am disgusted and will not promote this product!

  • Oct 3, 2017

This category is not listed. This is a sugar free candy company offering free samples for 6.95 shipping. The website was so screwy I ended up ordering 70 dollars worth of other chocolate. Then to top it off , they enroll you in a monthly shipment and give you only 7 dfays to cancel. Must have been in fine writing because I never saw it.

So I see two $39.94 charges on my account for Sept 25, 2017. Not only did they ship one box, they sent two of them. $80.00 more rip off. I received one of them and not the other one yet. They refuse to take it back and only offered a 15% reduction in the price. Whether that is for both of them or one I don't even know. Then they did not pack this box with dry ice like the first order and a lot of it is melted. So disgusted.

  • Sep 29, 2017

non-responsive company with unethical practices part 2

Tried the phone number again, this time it did got through. Brief hold then a rep. She was somewhat helpful after discussion, could not account for NO response to my emails. Offered a discount on my past purchases (the melted ones), which I refused. She offered a discount on future purchases, also refused. Offered to suspend my subscription till December and cooler temperatures, also refused. Finally agreed to cancel my subscription (which she told me could not be cancelled by emails), and that I would get a confirmation email of that. I am getting, supposedly, a refund on my cc within 5 business days for the second and third shipments. I asked about the RMA number and she told me I would not need to return the melted candy, they were going to give me a full refund on my card. After asking when I could expect to see the refund credit, and being told five business days(today is Friday), I informed her that if I did not see the full refund on my card in five business days, I would be contacting my credit card company to dispute the charges. So noted.

  • Sep 29, 2017

non-responsive company with unethical practices

I am in the same situation as many of the above writers; free sample also came with a box, then another box, then another. The boxes were completely melted, even the one with a refrigeration block in the package. Charleston, SC in the summer? Please! I have sent numerous emails to the help and the team email given, requesting RMA numbers in order to return these boxes. NO response at all! We found a number finally buried in their website, 855-354-6917, which I called a few minutes ago. Surprise, surprise; "this number is not valid" was the recording I heard.

I am contacting my credit card company to dispute the charges for everything but the $4.95 s&h for the free samples. I have posted on FB also, hope to help some other people avoid this company. The taste of the product in the free samples was good, but their packaging is just not suitable for southern states. Zero customer service!

  • Sep 28, 2017

I received 2 packages of Skinny Me Chocolates in the mail today. My husband was very unhappy & has threatened to destroy my computer if this ever happens again. Our account has been billed around $160 for 4 boxes of Skinny Me Chocolates. The first 2 boxes which were samples & 2 more on "subscription". Which I was not aware of.

I called Skinny Me Chocolates when the packages arrived because I had sent an email on their site requesting that nothing more be sent. I spoke to an agent named Brittany who was not at all helpful. She informed me that I could not send the candy back but they could give me a 20% discount on my order.

I told her I was a 69 year old senior on a very fixed income & there is no way I could afford the chocolate. She stated she was sorry but there was nothing she could do except give me a 20% discount on the bill. That really doesn't help me with these very overpriced chocolates. Oh....I forgot to mention that the first 2 boxes I was sent (I only ordered one) were supposed to be free samples. Is there someone who could help me fix this & get my money back.

  • Sep 18, 2017

Purchased chocolates from on line FB from SunnyMeChocalate for 4.95$. Then was billed an additional 34.95, plus shipped another box for 39.95$. Called company, they said it was in print that I would be bill the remaining amount in 7 days and other shipments would follow. I do not remember seeing this fine print on line. But it could have been there. Company claims they do not take reruns but on their website they say they do but I have not received the shipment yet.

  • Sep 15, 2017

Received "free" chocolates. And then charded $34.96. Then since I could not find a phone # ot working email. Could not cancel. I wrote to the address on the shipping label. No response. Finally found this siteand got their phone #855-354-6917 They tried to talk me into another product. Then offered a25% iscount, then 30% i said not good enough. Then she aid 100%on the one that is enroute. Told her to stop all further shipments I told her that I could not get their website to work and I had th find this complaint site to get the phone number.

  • Sep 11, 2017

Skinnyme Chocolates advertised for a free sample of their chocolates and all I need to do was pay for S&H. After that, they are now charging my credit card with $34.95 and 39.90 respectively.

  • Sep 4, 2017

Skinny me chocolate is deceptive in their advertising. I thought I was ordering a sample box of chocolates for free & just pay shipping and handling, but what a rip off. I am looking at my checking account and they are automatically drafting $39.94! I live on fixed income and I can't afford to pay that out of my bill money every month. I just Googled their name & found this site where others are having the same issue. I plan on disputing this charge & or changing my account number. Something needs to be done about these people deceptive sell practices.

  • Sep 2, 2017

This company has awful customer service. It may be very well because they are actually a scam. I was so happy to hear that there was a good sugar free chocolate and I even was happy to pay the outrageous price for it. After placing my order, I received a confirmation email which had the incorrect type of chocolate on the order. I responded to the email immediately--still no response. Later, not even a full day after ordering, I called their customer service number to ask how we could fix this situation. The representative put me on hold to talk to her "supervisor", but accidentally took me off of hold long enough for me to hear the representative talking with her "supervisor," laughing at me, and stating that "of course they were not going to do anything" and "how stupid I was to think they would care." Furthermore, there seems to be small writing somewhere, which I never saw, that says I am automatically signed up for a weekly re-order of this chocolate. I created an account as per the email said so that I could suspend or cancel my supposed subscription. The website would not let me. I just cancelled my card. I still do not know how the chocolate is either.

  • Aug 12, 2017


I never complain publicly about any issue with a company unless I first have tried multiple times to resolve the problem. This company is unethical and on top of that, the product was not that great, especially for what they charge. I signed up for the free sample, paying shipping only, something like $5 or so. I DID NOT sign up for a subscription nor did I authorize any further use of the credit card. I have contacted them by email, going to their web site at the "contact us" button twice, and by phone. And still, no positive result.They continue to send packages monthly and charge my card with over $30.00. I will contact my credit card company next, will solicit help through the Missouri Attorney General's office, and our law form.

  • Jul 26, 2017

I am generally a very careful online shopper and don't get sucked in to scams. I know to look for sneaky little "add-ons" and similar things when placing an online order.

When I responded to SkinnyMe Chocolate's offer for a free box of chocolate (just pay shipping) on June 17, 2017, I thought it was a good deal. I even upgraded my initial order to include an extra box of chocolate.

After ordering, I received a confirmation e-mail for my order; however, I noticed at the bottom of the e-mail, a statement that said: "Your subscription will automatically renew monthly and we'll charge the credit card you used when placing your initial order."

I never agreed to any type of subscription service, so I immediately e-mailed the company and told them to cancel any sort of subscription for their products. My e-mail was never acknowledged.

Then on July 2, 2017, a charge of $34.99 appeared on my credit card statement. Again, I e-mailed the company and never received a response. I also never received any chocolate for this particular "order"!

On July 25, 2017, I was again charged $34.99. This time, I went straight to my credit card company and filed a dispute.

It's too bad that the company has to resort to shady practices such as this because their chocolate is actually quite good and I probably would have continued to order from them.

  • Jul 7, 2017

I believed an add on Facebook for a free sample of Belgium sugar free chocolates. I only had to pay shipping. So I placed the order expecting to pay the small shipping fee. The following month thy charged my credit card $34.99. I tried calling them and they directed me to a different phone number. The phone number is for Comcast. I canceled my credit card and have learned a lesson.

  • Jun 26, 2017

Skinnyme Chocolate

  • Apr 27, 2017

I ordered what was advertised as a free "sample" box of skinny me chocolates for the shipping cost of $4.95 on 4/4/17. I received the small box of chocolates about a week later and they were pretty good. When i checked my visa charge account statement i noticed another charge of $34.95 on 4/15/17 for the same box of chocolate and a notice that said it was a "continuation" order. I assumed that meant i would be getting more chocolates, which i did not ask for. When i realized that this might be some kind of marketing ploy, i called the company to have them rescind the $34.95 charge. They refused stating that the ad stated that i could return the box i received within 7 days and there would be no charge. I explained that the ad i saw did not say anything about a charge of $34.95, but they refused to remove the charge. That "sample" box was very small and contained about 10 chocolate bars. Certainly not worth $40.00. I called my visa credit card and explained it to them. They removed the $34.95 charge. Skinny me chocolate better not charge me again or i will call the authorities and report this marketing scam.

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