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Skinny IT

Country United States
State Texas
City Frisco
Address 10570 John W. Elliott Suite 800
Phone 1 602-980-1822

Skinny IT Reviews

  • Nov 11, 2018

After tanking the company since it's purchase by Skinny IT in January, layoffs began quickly. IST was ran well and did great under the original owner. Layed off months ago and still have not been paid my expenses by the company, all attempted transactions have been met with silence. Sam Darwish failed to pay anyone that was let go for way beyond the legal timeline set by texas state law. Also has not paid thousands owed to several ex employees.

  • Oct 12, 2018

Monique Graves had contacted me through WM (Work Market) platform & ask me if I can do some WO# (work order) & promise me the world If I'll do it because this particular assignment was about 80 miles each way (160 miles round trip). She was with me in contact when she needed (phone, email through text messages) but once I was finished I NEVER HEARD OF from her (I can prove myself with text messages, phone records & emails).

I've got total of 3 UNPAID assignments… total of: $474.42

With that saying if they didn't pay 1000 techs then somebody got half an million dollars at home!!! I know about hundreds of techs & who knows how many more are out there...

Also I've tried to contact company multiple times (more than 3 months 07/14/18) but without any luck. I've tried to Google them & based what I've found the company is sinking down & obviously they don't want to pay ANYBODY ANYTHING!!! Even they own employees! Just look at the glassdoor. com

Unfortunately Work Market isn't good company neither because they should back us up but they are NOT really doing anything, they will tell you, that they will escale it but who knows what does it mean, since NOBODY got paid at ALL!

Hopefully American Arbitration Association will do "something" or anybody else...

That shouldn't happened, that Technicians are working hard, they use their own tools, materials, car, gas, knowledge....etc. and in the end somebody will create SCAM with intentions NOT to pay anybody! Put ALL responsible people at least to JAIL or better PRISON for the rest of their lives.

  • Jul 16, 2018

After an interview with gm: j. Hernandez and all of his demand of high expectations he and his company decided not to pay myself as well as several other contractors for the work we've already completed! this is blatant fraud and lack of integrity from the ceo to the janitor. I might add that workmarket, the app that provides the connection between tech and skinny it / ist.. Claims that they have no contract with skinny it / ist but somehow they're informing everyone that they are escalating the non payment claims. After investigating their position, i learned that there is no escalation process in place. And the reason being is that workmarket is neutral and does not represent either party!

But they're clearly willing to take a cut of the pay for all work assigned through their app. This company has refused to pay in the sum of several thousands of dollars for work that has already been approved and completed.

This is clearly a scam and the evidence of a fraudulent corporation!!! both workmarket and skinny it / ist are both behaving lime scammers fraud!!! do not do business with either. They uphold no integrity and will put you in a crunch financially without notice. Late payments, lies of escalations please there's enough going on in our country already we dont need frauds screwing up people's lives.

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