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Skinny Body Care

Country United States
State Missouri
City Saint Louis
Address 423 Bussen Underground Rd

Skinny Body Care Reviews

  • May 17, 2017

I was recruited into Skinny Body Care as was my whole team, both up line and down line. Skinny Body Care is a MLM company. Their focus is on the MLM business more than the products they sell. The products have failed to produce any of the outragous claims that they make about it. I have followed the plan exactly and have given the product 6 months of dilligent adhearance to the process. The Product just doesn't work as advertised. Now when I was recruited they did a really hard push on me getting all my down line and family in the program. I looked at Rip Off Report .com and found others were pissed about the company but those concearns were po poed by my recruiters as bad people just mad because they can't follow instructions. I also went on e-Bay and found tons of bottles of Skinny Body Fiber for sale at extremely low prices. Again I was told that those were the old product and not the new product Skinny Body Max.

And I should not pay any attention to that. Well I should have paid attention to it and so should you! To be a part of this company you have to be on AUTO SHIP! I hate it. In addition to AUTO SHIP they send you the OLD Product Skinny Body Fiber. Now I know why there are so many bottles on e-Bay they ship the old product to everyone of their reps. It was not long before I went to their convention and heard all the ra ra ra. All about signing up the world and not much about the product. All about how much money you were going to make off your friends and family but not much about the product. Well after Just a few months all my UP-LINE began to quit saying they were not getting paid. I voiced reservations and said I was going to quit also because they are chaRGING ME 66.92 A MONTH AND i AM ONLY GETTING PAID 12.00 A MONTH NOT WORTH IT TO ME. aLL MY DOWN LINE QUIT AND STOPPED ORDERING PRODUCT BECAUSE THE COMPANY KEEPS SHIPPING THE OLD PRODUCT AND NOT THE NEW PRODUCT. I decided to take them up on the 100% satisfaction Guarantee and asked for my money back for 14 bottles of Skinny Body Fiber (the old product) I was told NO. I was told I had to do it in the first 30 days. What a rip off. I demanded they replace the old product mistakenly shipped with the new product. They refused to do that eather. All in all when you call customer service you get a recording then you get hung up on. I only wish I had listened to all those people on rip off report and others and all those people selling old bottles of Skinny Body Fiber to try to recoup at least a tiny bit of what we all paid.

In my opinion they consistantly missrepresented themselves and they Betrayed the trust everyone placed in them.

All my up line are now gone and all my down line do not trust me. Skinny Body Care was the worst company for me ever.

I hope they do not suck you into it .

Anyone wanting to start a class action suit against them I will be all in.

  • Feb 7, 2017

My first product with you Skinny Body Care was Ageless serum which when I opened it up, it has half of a bottle and it was hard to squeeze out.

This month I tried the instant youth and it is just not working. No results. Not as the product describe in the video I saw

The HiBurn8 that was sent to me has a junk of power stuck in the neck of the bottle, and the bottle suppose to be liquid only. It is so gross out.

I'm leaving Skinny Body Care, as its products are just not worth money to buy.

I have already pull all my twitter campaigns for Skinny Body Care.

And I will let my followers know not to buy from Skinny Body Care.

  • Sep 7, 2016

Ok..I was interested in a home business..I inquired but made not too much out of it..I knew this man from awhile back I knew he was an internet marketer. I asked him about Skinny Body Care and and he couldn't stop calling me just because I inquired about it..he kept sending me emails because I signed up as a pre-enrollee meaning I didn't pay anything to enter my info..but then he profusively kept sending me emails saying to go to and when you go enter your email and you hit enter..and it woulld show you thousands of pre-enrollees but then it would also show you paid distributors and they would be in the hundreds or thousands and how they get you to join is by saying that if you don't join by the following thursday at midnight you will LOSE all those commissions that are under you by the paid distributors... DON'T LOSE OUT ON THOSE COMMISSIONS..they say..YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO WORK THE BUSINESS TO GET PAID!!! BUT GUESS WHAT!!! I WORKED IT..I GOT ONE SIGNUP..I GOT $14.00 for her for that week and $20.00 on the 1st friday of the month which equals $34.00..NOW..Payoneer taked fees out of that..and they want a copy of the back and front of my photo ID and my house address...REALLLLLYYYY???? I WANT SOMETHING DONE ABOUT THIS!! I DON'T WANT THE $34..I want a refund to my card. PERIOD!! THEY ARE LIARS!!!!

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