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Skinny & Co.

Country United States
State Indiana
City Indianapolis
Address 5762 W 74th St.

Skinny & Co. Reviews

  • Apr 17, 2017

*They offered a free trial for $4.95 shipping. After I received my free trial, there was no way to contact the company and it was difficult to find them again online (took me until I found this website to find a contact number). When I called, they said they could cancel my auto orders but could not accept any unopened packages back for a refund. My account have been deleted by about $500 from this company. I asked to speak with a supervisor and of course they were all on another call. Trey, the person I was talking to, said I could not wait until they were off the calls. He refused to give me a supervisor's name, email, or phone number or the physical location of the company "for security reasons." He also would not give me the website name or company name until I asked for it 50 times. I'm not sure if he actually gave me the correct ones. I was calm in the phone with him but did tell him that this is a scam and that I wanted a full refund.

He offered 30% off my last shipment, then 50%, then, after speaking to his supervisor via email, 100% off my last order. I informed him that I can buy the exact same product locally for under $10 and asked why they charge over$80 a month for it. Finally, he gave me a confirmation number for a full refund for the last shipment only. I'm not sure if I will receive it. I am going to call my bank to see what they can do. Trey then hung up on me. He said he was located in Arizona

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